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I’m a huge proponent of everyone’s wedding being perfect in its own way. After all, your wedding day is the day you fuse your life with your favorite person, so even if nothing else goes the way you planned it to, you’re married when it’s over and that is significant in itself. However, in the 150+ weddings I’ve photographed, if I ever had to pinpoint a day that came as close as possible to what I’d personally deem “perfect” Kimberly and Travis’ wedding day would definitely be up there on the list.

And let me tell you, it’s not because of the flawless design and decor that was throughout the entire event (although ohmygoodness we’re gonna ooh-and-ahh over that here in a little bit). What stood out to me time and time again was how carefree Kimberly and Travis were, how focused they were able to be on their love for each other, how content they were to be surrounded the entire time by friends and family gathered to celebrate with them. Nothing outside of that mattered and they didn’t allow any periphery issues to cloud in. They were in the present, and for that reason, I believe the day was as treasured as it possibly could have been. This is what I would hope for every single one of my couples. I would never suggest that the wedding day itself is the “be-all, end-all”, but it is the start of something wonderful, and that is surely worth celebrating well. And celebrate well is precisely what Kimberly and Travis did.

Of course I would be remiss not to take this moment to quickly explain that a huge reason Kimberly and Travis were able to relax, breathe deep and not worry about a single thing is because they hired a dream of a wedding planner and designer in Jen Rios. I really cannot say enough high compliments about this one, so I’ll just say she takes such great care of her brides and grooms, she’s awesome at putting together an amazing team of vendors to fit the aesthetic of each wedding she takes on, and when Jen is on board the wedding day runs smoothly.

Without further ado, enjoy a look into Kimberly and Travis’ elegant fall wedding day at Howell Family Farms.


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Kimberly chose her four sisters to be her bridesmaids and all of the little ones in the wedding party are nieces and nephews of Kimberly and Travis.

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Notice how flawless Kimberly and her sisters’ hair and make-up looks? That’s all Rayven’s doing (of Beauty & the Blush) and would you believe that they all looked equally as flawless at the end of the night too — see for yourself at the end of the post.


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Just look at all this delicious, edible goodness by Layered Bake Shop, y’all.


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You may have noticed that I haven’t been able to stop photographing Kimberly’s gorgeous bouquet by The Southern Table, but can you honestly blame me? Maxine is a powerhouse when it comes to beautiful florals.

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Say it with me: oooooooooh! ahhhhhhh! When I saw all of this come together I stood there shaking my head in disbelief at how beautiful it was. Seriously, hire all the vendors from this wedding (there is a list at the end of this post).


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I’m so happy for you two, Kimberly and Travis. So very happy. Your love is beautiful and definitely worthy of such a grand celebration.

// Vendors //

Design & Planning – Jen Rios Weddings

Photography – Jillian Zamora Photography

Floral Design – The Southern Table
Paper – Chips & Salsa Design Studio
Linen – La Tavola Fine Linen
Rentals – Posh Couture Rentals
Cake – Layered Bakeshop
Beauty – Beauty & the Blush Makeup & Styling
Bridal Gown – Vera Wang
Entertainment – Spin Productions
Venue – Howell Family Farms
Caterer – Square One Cafe
Bartending – MR Bartending
Officiant - Love Notes Weddings
Ceremony Music – Nick DiGennaro


They walked down the aisle together as husband and wife and we whisked them right outside to document the “WE-ARE-MARRIED-THAT-IS-AWESOME” high. Seeing my brides and grooms experience and really feel that crazy wave of emotion instead of letting it pass them by locked up in a room by is my favorite, favorite, favorite. I believe so strongly that people should take the time to feel their wedding day in those moments. Don’t resist it because your make-up might run if you cry (p.s. if you hire a good make-up artist then you don’t have to worry about that anyway), or because you are trying to remember what comes next after this or any other reason.

Stop and breathe and feel and relish the sweetness.

I promise you won’t regret it if you do.





This is who I’m looking to work with — brides and grooms who are on board to feel all the feels and want me there beside them the whole way to document it unfolding.

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Sometimes you just need to be quiet for a little while, you know? I’ve spent the new year finishing up wedding edits, planning for 2015 and taking some deep breaths before things pick back up again next month. It’s the calm before the storm (the wonderful wedding season storm, that I very much enjoy), and I’m over here soaking it up while I can.

With all of last year’s weddings and travels, I got a little behind on blogging. This particular wedding I’m sharing today took place two days after I got back from my Germany trip, and boy oh boy was it worth coming back to Texas for. Katrina and Michael’s wedding was filled with so much warmth and it was an honor to be invited into the inner-workings, getting to witness and document it from start to finish.

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Wow. WowowowowoWOWowowow. WOW. Just, wow.

Anita and Michael, I could photograph you two in your wedding attire all day, every day. So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME because I’m finally able to share some of their Indian Pithi ceremony portraits now that their wedding has come and gone over the weekend — JZP’s last wedding of 2014. I feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I reflect on how awesome this year has been (I’M A SENSITIVE SOUL AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU A LOT, OKAY??) but I’m also an optimist so here’s to hoping I’m able to pull together an end of 2014 blogpost by the New Year and I’ll let all the tears out then. Deal? Deal.

Now for more Anita and Michael because WOW.

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dallas indian wedding photographer_03

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dallas indian wedding photographer_06

dallas indian wedding photographer_07

dallas indian wedding photographer_08

dallas indian wedding photographer_09

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dallas indian wedding photographer_

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