First of all, if you haven’t seen part I of Tamara + Sunil’s wedding day, click here to catch up on the first half of the day.

After the Barat and Indian ceremony it was time for an outfit change — which meant champagne and samosas for guests — and then it was on to their Western ceremony.

This day was endless fun.

At the end of the night as James and I were driving away from Pecan Springs Ranch we weren’t talking about the white horse, or Tamara and Sunil’s adorable dog Windsor or even the miniature donkeys hanging out with guests at the cocktail hour — we were talking about how wonderful Tamara + Sunil are. How kind, inviting, genuine and downright fun they are and how lucky we felt to know them and document the first day of their lives as “the Patels.”

Oh, and we were also talking about the Indian food served for dinner because DANGDANG IT WAS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS.


Sunil literally arrived at his ceremony riding a white horse, with all of his friends and family dancing down the road before him.

I just don’t know how much better it can get than that.

I had to break this wedding day into two blogposts because it was TOO much fun (and wayyyy too many photos) for a single post. Enjoy some of my favorites from the first half of Tamara + Sunil’s fusion wedding day at Pecan Springs Ranch.

Y’all. Just LOOK at how giddy Sunil’s mom is for their wedding. It’s one of my favorite things.

In this next portion of the ceremony the Pandit said that whoever sits down first rules the relationship — it looked like a pretty close call but you can tell from their reactions who won 🙂

Next up will be Tamara + Sunil’s second wedding ceremony + following reception — so check back soon for post II!

Always, always, always more backyard weddings in the trees + stealing away from the buzzing reception for some sunset portraits, just you and your love and the calm that comes with being married-so-married + floral ceremony archways + tender moments with mommas and fathers + campfires and s’mores under the Texas sky.

Always more of these things.

This is Scott and his dental school buddies — when I told them I wanted to document a photo that defined their relationship they gave the groom a good pretend teeth cleaning.


I’m convinced these two right here are the warmest, most gracious people on the planet.

It’s funny how looking back at Jamie’s first few e-mails to me it was clear even then that she was so very personable and kind and just as sincere as all get out. Then I got to meet Ben at our first meeting and it was immediately like WOAH, THERE’S TWO OF THEM. And no wonder they ended up together, two of the most genuinely warm people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And that’s constantly the goal, right? To connect with people in such a way as to tell their story closer to the viewpoint of a friend than as a vendor. More, more more of this, always and forever.

Thank you, Jamie and Ben, for inviting me so fully into your season of engagement and wedding day. Accepting that heartfelt invitation has been a privilege time and time again.


Planning: Weddings by Lisa Yarbo

Hotel: The Stoneleigh

Chapel: Perkins Chapel

Reception Venue: Dallas Petroleum Club

Hair and make-up: The Styling Stewardess

Bride’s make-up: Blushington

Video: Robert Anthony

Band: Intensity

Floral: Garden Gate


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