with this ring: emmaline + nikita hotel crescent court wedding

Let me tell you all the reasons why I loved this day (lolololol as if I could possibly list every single one of them): 1) Emmaline + Nikita are the epitome of lovely human beings — there is a refinement and softness and subtlety about them mixed with their kindness that just equals loveliness. 2) Nikita’s grandma and her camera is the cutest thing I may have ever witnessed. 3) Theirs was the first Greek orthodox wedding ceremony I had ever photographed — the guests surround the couple in a sort of semi-circle with everyone in pretty close proximity to each other which made for guests a much more intimate part of the ceremony. Plus the amazing St Seraphim Cathedral was full of ornate paintings and a skylight which made for some pretty epic documentation possibilities. 3a) Also Nikita dropped the ring during the ceremony and the progression of those photos makes me giggle each and every time I look at them. 4) Emmaline is a deep feeler (or at the very least was this day) like myself and that always makes my job so fun to document all the emotions. 5) We took portraits throughout the day in multiple locations is always a favorite of mine — a little here, a little there, always enough time to stop and breathe deeply before moving on to the next stop. As you look through the post you’ll see how they were just kind of scattered throughout the day, not one bulk all-or-nothing-set portrait time, more of an ebb and flow. 6) Their Hotel Crescent Court reception was intimate and slow paced and full of toasts and talking and love.

It was a storytelling day through and through and those will forever and always be favorites of mine.

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