I’m going to share with you some of my favorite images from the course of 2018. I am so unbelievably thankful thankful thankful to all the people who trusted me to document their lives this year. I know these moments are precious, I feel it in my bones, and I never take that responsibility lightly. I witnessed the very first day of many families, the additions of new life into the world and homes. I captured the momentous and also quite a bit of the everyday. With my camera I documented stories of love, hope, growth, waiting, beauty and joy. So much joy. What a beautiful year spent photographing some of the most beautiful souls. Thank you all.

It started off with Jessica + Ryan’s Hall of State wedding

Included a whole lot of families photographed in their homes (my favorite place to photograph families)

Shai + Brent made Dallas look real good for their engagement session.

My first ever round of mini sessions at The Lumen Room were so much fun that I planned a second round of mini’s just five months later. Here are some from the first round:

More state park weddings in 2019, please. I so enjoyed Adi + Julian’s relaxed and intimate Huntsville state park wedding.

I got the honor and privilege of photographing several previous brides’ and grooms’ welcoming new babies into their families!

I documented Jacob + Liz in their first home before they jumped into a brand new adventure together.

In April I flew to South Carolina for Emmaline + Nikita’s engagement session on Duke University campus.

Aanchal + Nick had two full days of wedding celebration complete with mariachi + barat!

Esther + Trevor’s SMU Perkins Chapel + Filter Building wedding day was a dream dream dream.

I so enjoyed shooting at The Darkroom studio for the first time for Taylor’s bridal portraits.

I don’t always get to do birth photography with my wedding schedule but it just so worked out for me to be at little Ella’s birth and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Taylor + Johnny’s Brik wedding with Cloud Creative Events + Everly Alaine Florals was dreamy as all get out.

Annnnnd then came the second round of mini sessions at The Lumen Room (shot while I was 32 weeks pregnant).

Emmaline + Nikita’s wedding was my first Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony to photography, which was so fun. I so enjoyed their portraits + reception at Hotel Crescent Court.

Jessica + Kolby’s Cliff House morning wedding was such an absolute delight.

And I wrapped up 2018 with Katie + Kyle’s Oklahoma wedding at Southwind Hills.

If you’re still reading, GOOD JOB! It’s a longgggg post, a whole year’s worth, in fact!

 To end, I could think of no better way to further illustrate how much I value documentation and preserving memories than by showing that I do the same for my family. This year we were so blessed by the addition of baby boy Jones Cedar to our family. Here are a few of my favorite images I’ve captured in my own home over the past couple months since his arrival.

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_001

Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit of a homebody myself, but documenting people in their own spaces never gets old to me. My goal is simple — I want to capture the most genuine and authentic versions of the people and the relationships that I’m photographing. What better place to do that than your home?

Desiree and Tommy are expecting their baby boy this summer. Here are a few of my favorite photos of them, in their home, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_002

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_003

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_004

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_005

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_006

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_007

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_009

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_008

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_011

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_012

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_014

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_013

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_015

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_016

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_017

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_018

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_010

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_019

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_020

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_021

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_022

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_023

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_024

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_025

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_026

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_027

tattoo maternity lifestyle photos_028


denton lifestyle photographer_01

There will always be something so dear to me about photographing people in their own spaces, in their own home, in their own neighborhood.

These are some portraits of my friends waiting on their first baby — what a beautiful thing it has been to watch them become parents.

denton lifestyle photographer_02

denton lifestyle photographer_03

denton lifestyle photographer_04

denton lifestyle photographer_05

denton lifestyle photographer_06

denton lifestyle photographer_09

denton lifestyle photographer_10

denton lifestyle photographer_11ab

denton lifestyle photographer_13

denton lifestyle photographer_14

denton lifestyle photographer_15

denton lifestyle photographer_16

denton lifestyle photographer_17ab

denton lifestyle photographer_19

denton lifestyle photographer_20ab

denton lifestyle photographer_22

denton lifestyle photographer_23

denton lifestyle photographer_24

denton lifestyle photographer_25


denton lifestyle photography_01

Happy Thursday, little darlins! Today’s blogpost is a double feature of sorts because I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites from my cousin Nathan and his stunning wife Sarah’s maternity session but you also get the instant gratification of also viewing some of the newborn portraits we made after baby Kate arrived right at the tail end of June — huzzah!! I for real cried while editing these photos out of happiness for this most precious little family unit that I hold so dear. Enjoy!

denton lifestyle photography_02ab

denton lifestyle photography_04

denton lifestyle photography_05ab

denton lifestyle photography_07

denton lifestyle photography_08

denton lifestyle photography_09ab

denton lifestyle photography_11

denton lifestyle photography_12

denton lifestyle photography_13

denton lifestyle photography_14

denton lifestyle photography_15ab

denton lifestyle photography_17

And introducing lovely lil Kate . . .

denton lifestyle photography_18

denton lifestyle photography_19

I don’t typically do newborn photos, but when I do they are inside client’s own home, because I don’t think there’s anything sweeter. For this simple set-up all we needed was Nathan’s prized succulent, a piece of furniture that had been passed down in Sarah’s family for generations and a little touch of window light.

denton lifestyle photography_20

denton lifestyle photography_21ab

denton lifestyle photography_23

denton lifestyle photography_24

denton lifestyle photography_25

denton lifestyle photography_26

denton lifestyle photography_27

denton lifestyle photography_28ab

denton lifestyle photography_30

denton lifestyle photography_31

denton lifestyle photography_32

denton lifestyle photography_33ab

denton lifestyle photography_35

denton lifestyle photography_36ab

denton lifestyle photography_38

denton lifestyle photography_39ab

denton lifestyle photography_41

denton lifestyle photography_42ab

denton lifestyle photography_45

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