le san michele wedding_001

As lovely a notion it is that every wedding be dripping in sunshine and go off without a hitch, the fact of the matter is that sometimes in this life it rains, even on wedding days.

But when it does, I like to think of it as a unique opportunity for brides and grooms.

An opportunity to smile despite a setback.

An opportunity to get a picture of just how deeply they are cared for when friends and family immediately start reminiscing over funny memories to dry up your tears. Or flock to wipe down wet ceremony chairs — two different times.

An opportunity to let go of perfection and embrace the surprises in life, together.

Take a look at some of my favorites from Daniella and Deke’s rainy wedding day at the beyond gorgeous Le San Michele in Buda, Texas.

le san michele wedding_002

le san michele wedding_003ab

le san michele wedding_005

le san michele wedding_006

le san michele wedding_007

le san michele wedding_008

le san michele wedding_009

le san michele wedding_010

le san michele wedding_011

le san michele wedding_012

le san michele wedding_013

le san michele wedding_014

le san michele wedding_015

le san michele wedding_016

le san michele wedding_017

le san michele wedding_018

le san michele wedding_019ab

le san michele wedding_021

le san michele wedding_022

le san michele wedding_023

le san michele wedding_024ab

le san michele wedding_026ab

le san michele wedding_028ab

le san michele wedding_030

le san michele wedding_031ab

le san michele wedding_033

le san michele wedding_034

le san michele wedding_035

le san michele wedding_036

le san michele wedding_037

le san michele wedding_038ab

le san michele wedding_040

le san michele wedding_041

le san michele wedding_044ab

le san michele wedding_046

le san michele wedding_042ab

le san michele wedding_048

le san michele wedding_049

le san michele wedding_050

le san michele wedding_051

le san michele wedding_052

le san michele wedding_053

le san michele wedding_054

le san michele wedding_055

le san michele wedding_056

le san michele wedding_057

le san michele wedding_058ab

le san michele wedding_060ab

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le san michele wedding_063ab

le san michele wedding_065

le san michele wedding_066

le san michele wedding_067

le san michele wedding_068

le san michele wedding_069ab

le san michele wedding_071

le san michele wedding_072

le san michele wedding_073

le san michele wedding_074

le san michele wedding_075

le san michele wedding_076

le san michele wedding_077

le san michele wedding_078

le san michele wedding_079

le san michele wedding_080ab

le san michele wedding_081

le san michele wedding_082

le san michele wedding_083

le san michele wedding_084

le san michele wedding_086

le san michele wedding_087

le san michele wedding_088

le san michele wedding_089

le san michele wedding_090

le san michele wedding_091

le san michele wedding_092

le san michele wedding_093ab

le san michele wedding_095

le san michele wedding_096

le san michele wedding_097ab

le san michele wedding_099

le san michele wedding_100

le san michele wedding_101

le san michele wedding_102

le san michele wedding_103

le san michele wedding_104

le san michele wedding_105ab

le san michele wedding_107

le san michele wedding_108ab

le san michele wedding_110ab

le san michele wedding_112

le san michele wedding_113

le san michele wedding_114

le san michele wedding_115

le san michele wedding_116

le san michele wedding_117

le san michele wedding_118

le san michele wedding_119ab

le san michele wedding_121

le san michele wedding_122

le san michele wedding_123

le san michele wedding_124

le san michele wedding_125

le san michele wedding_126

le san michele wedding_127

le san michele wedding_128

le san michele wedding_129

le san michele wedding_130

le san michele wedding_131

le san michele wedding_132

le san michele wedding_133

le san michele wedding_134

le san michele wedding_135

le san michele wedding_136

le san michele wedding_137gif

le san michele wedding_146

le san michele wedding_147

le san michele wedding_148

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le san michele wedding_154gif

le san michele wedding_163

le san michele wedding_164

le san michele wedding_165gif

le san michele wedding_168

le san michele wedding_169

le san michele wedding_170

le san michele wedding_171

le san michele wedding_172

le san michele wedding_173ab

le san michele wedding_175

le san michele wedding_176

le san michele wedding_177


Daniella and Deke, I wish y’all many years of happy marriage full of contentment in the sunshine and smiles in the rain.

equestrian engagement session_01

This particular session makes me thankful for:

couples who laugh together

Sunny days that aren’t too hot

empty downtown streets

Jen Rios Weddings for trusting me with this sweet couple of hers

Beauty and the Blush for highlighting Kimberly’s naturally gorgeous hair and face like POP BAM WOW

a pretty horse named, Dakota

and love.

equestrian engagement session_02

equestrian engagement session_03

equestrian engagement session_04

equestrian engagement session_05

equestrian engagement session_06ab

equestrian engagement session_08

equestrian engagement session_11


equestrian engagement session_13

equestrian engagement session_15 (1)

equestrian engagement session_14

equestrian engagement session_17ab

equestrian engagement session_19

equestrian engagement session_20ab

equestrian engagement session_22

equestrian engagement session_23

equestrian engagement session_25

Kimberly has long been involved in the world of equestrian competition and so it was an absolute must to include pretty little Dakota in some of their portraits as well!

equestrian engagement session_27 (1)

equestrian engagement session_28

equestrian engagement session_30

equestrian engagement session_31

equestrian engagement session_32

equestrian engagement session_33

equestrian engagement session_34ab

equestrian engagement session_36 (1)

equestrian engagement session_36ab

equestrian engagement session_38

This sweet baby foal wasn’t allowed out, but LOOK HOW CUTE!!

equestrian engagement session_39


equestrian engagement session_40

equestrian engagement session_41

equestrian engagement session_42ab

equestrian engagement session_44

equestrian engagement session_45

equestrian engagement session_49

equestrian engagement session_47ab

equestrian engagement session_48

equestrian engagement session_50

equestrian engagement session_51

equestrian engagement session_52

equestrian engagement session_53

equestrian engagement session_54

equestrian engagement session_55ab

equestrian engagement session_57

equestrian engagement session_59

equestrian engagement session_64

Kimberly and Travis, y’all are some kind of stunning together. September cannot get here fast enough!

denton lifestyle photography_01

Happy Thursday, little darlins! Today’s blogpost is a double feature of sorts because I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites from my cousin Nathan and his stunning wife Sarah’s maternity session but you also get the instant gratification of also viewing some of the newborn portraits we made after baby Kate arrived right at the tail end of June – huzzah!! I for real cried while editing these photos out of happiness for this most precious little family unit that I hold so dear. Enjoy!

denton lifestyle photography_02ab

denton lifestyle photography_04

denton lifestyle photography_05ab

denton lifestyle photography_07

denton lifestyle photography_08

denton lifestyle photography_09ab

denton lifestyle photography_11

denton lifestyle photography_12

denton lifestyle photography_13

denton lifestyle photography_14

denton lifestyle photography_15ab

denton lifestyle photography_17

And introducing lovely lil Kate . . .

denton lifestyle photography_18

denton lifestyle photography_19

I don’t typically do newborn photos, but when I do they are inside client’s own home, because I don’t think there’s anything sweeter. For this simple set-up all we needed was Nathan’s prized succulent, a piece of furniture that had been passed down in Sarah’s family for generations and a little touch of window light.

denton lifestyle photography_20

denton lifestyle photography_21ab

denton lifestyle photography_23

denton lifestyle photography_24

denton lifestyle photography_25

denton lifestyle photography_26

denton lifestyle photography_27

denton lifestyle photography_28ab

denton lifestyle photography_30

denton lifestyle photography_31

denton lifestyle photography_32

denton lifestyle photography_33ab

denton lifestyle photography_35

denton lifestyle photography_36ab

denton lifestyle photography_38

denton lifestyle photography_39ab

denton lifestyle photography_41

denton lifestyle photography_42ab

denton lifestyle photography_45

keller wedding photographer_001

Cathyrn and Brian’s beautiful backyard wedding took place at the lovely Elm Street Studio in Keller. And outside this pretty yellow home in May a wedding so full of personality, family and sweet, sweet love took place. Just as a wedding should.

The altar they wed in front of was made from pieces from both of their families homes– the mantle was Brian’s great great grandparent’s and the posts are from Cathyrn’s parent’s home.

The bridesmaid’s hairpins were handmade by Cathyrn from small pieces of lace from her own wedding dress, and Cathyrn’s hairpiece was designed using pieces of lace from both her own and her mother’s wedding dress.

The light fixture over the dance floor in their clear-top reception tent was from the bride’s grandfather’s train depot.

Together Cathyrn and Brian made the life-sized yard games that made their outdoor reception all the more festive.

There was so much love in this wedding, y’all. I can’t even handle it. Enjoy a small peek into their day.

keller wedding photographer_003

keller wedding photographer_004

keller wedding photographer_005

keller wedding photographer_006

keller wedding photographer_007

keller wedding photographer_008ab

keller wedding photographer_010

keller wedding photographer_011

keller wedding photographer_012ab

keller wedding photographer_014

This wedding day was a bit different for me because James wasn’t shooting with me for the first time in YEARS! He found out months before that he was accepted into a prestigious painting competition that was in Houston the evening of Cathyrn and Brian’s wedding day, so I brought in my super-talented photographer friend Chris to help me out on this Saturday. I could not have asked for a better fill-in while James was away and I’m so thankful for all the beautiful images he produced, including this one below.

keller wedding photographer_016

keller wedding photographer_017

keller wedding photographer_018

keller wedding photographer_019ab

keller wedding photographer_021

keller wedding photographer_022

keller wedding photographer_023ab

keller wedding photographer_025

keller wedding photographer_026

keller wedding photographer_029

keller wedding photographer_030

keller wedding photographer_032ab

keller wedding photographer_027

keller wedding photographer_033

keller wedding photographer_034ab

keller wedding photographer_036

keller wedding photographer_043

keller wedding photographer_037ab

keller wedding photographer_039

keller wedding photographer_040

keller wedding photographer_041ab

keller wedding photographer_044

keller wedding photographer_045

keller wedding photographer_046

keller wedding photographer_047

keller wedding photographer_048ab

keller wedding photographer_050

keller wedding photographer_051

keller wedding photographer_053ab

keller wedding photographer_054

keller wedding photographer_055

keller wedding photographer_056

keller wedding photographer_057

keller wedding photographer_058

keller wedding photographer_059ab

keller wedding photographer_061

keller wedding photographer_062

keller wedding photographer_063

keller wedding photographer_064

keller wedding photographer_065

keller wedding photographer_066ab

keller wedding photographer_068

keller wedding photographer_069

keller wedding photographer_070

keller wedding photographer_071

keller wedding photographer_072

keller wedding photographer_073

keller wedding photographer_074

keller wedding photographer_075

keller wedding photographer_076ab

keller wedding photographer_078

keller wedding photographer_079

keller wedding photographer_080

keller wedding photographer_081

keller wedding photographer_082

keller wedding photographer_083ab

keller wedding photographer_085

keller wedding photographer_086

keller wedding photographer_087

keller wedding photographer_088

keller wedding photographer_089ab

keller wedding photographer_091

keller wedding photographer_092

keller wedding photographer_093ab

keller wedding photographer_094

keller wedding photographer_097

keller wedding photographer_098ab

keller wedding photographer_100

keller wedding photographer_101

keller wedding photographer_102

keller wedding photographer_103

keller wedding photographer_104

keller wedding photographer_105

keller wedding photographer_106

keller wedding photographer_107

keller wedding photographer_108

keller wedding photographer_109

keller wedding photographer_110

keller wedding photographer_111

keller wedding photographer_112

keller wedding photographer_113

keller wedding photographer_114

keller wedding photographer_115

keller wedding photographer_116

keller wedding photographer_117

keller wedding photographer_118

keller wedding photographer_119

keller wedding photographer_120

keller wedding photographer_121

keller wedding photographer_122

keller wedding photographer_123

keller wedding photographer_124

keller wedding photographer_125

keller wedding photographer_126

keller wedding photographer_127

keller wedding photographer_128

keller wedding photographer_129ab

keller wedding photographer_131

keller wedding photographer_132

keller wedding photographer_133

keller wedding photographer_134

keller wedding photographer_135

keller wedding photographer_136

keller wedding photographer_137

keller wedding photographer_138

keller wedding photographer_139

keller wedding photographer_140

keller wedding photographer_141

keller wedding photographer_142

keller wedding photographer_143

keller wedding photographer_144

keller wedding photographer_145

keller wedding photographer_146

keller wedding photographer_147

keller wedding photographer_148

keller wedding photographer_149

keller wedding photographer_150

keller wedding photographer_151

keller wedding photographer_152

keller wedding photographer_153

keller wedding photographer_154

keller wedding photographer_155

keller wedding photographer_156

keller wedding photographer_157

keller wedding photographer_158

keller wedding photographer_159

keller wedding photographer_160

keller wedding photographer_161

keller wedding photographer_162

keller wedding photographer_163a

keller wedding photographer_163b

keller wedding photographer_163c

keller wedding photographer_166

keller wedding photographer_167

keller wedding photographer_168

keller wedding photographer_169a

keller wedding photographer_169b

keller wedding photographer_169c

keller wedding photographer_172

keller wedding photographer_172b

keller wedding photographer_174b

keller wedding photographer_176

keller wedding photographer_177

keller wedding photographer_178

keller wedding photographer_179

Cathyrn and Brian, having the great honor of witnessing the love shared between the two of you and your families makes my heart so, very full. Thank you for letting me be the lucky photographer to document it. SO MANY X’S AND O’S TO YOU TWO!!

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