There are a LOT of really cool things about my job. Like, a ton. But one of those really, really cool things about my job is getting to see the “before” at the engagement session, then witness the very first day of a couple as FAMILY on their wedding day and then my job gets exponentially cooler to be invited back to do a newborn/family session however long down the road.

This was the case with Taylor + Danny — I shot their engagement session in 2014, their wedding in 2015 and then in 2019 I had the joy of documenting the addition of their dear son Luca into their family.

What a joy joy joy joy.

It was just two short hours I spent documenting Valerie and Adam joining their lives together in front of their immediate families — and it made for a most special morning for all.

The following two images are from the moments Adam suddenly realized her dress was backless hahaha.

Y’all hit me up for all the elopements! As much as I will always love large celebrations of marriage too, there is something so lovely about the simplicity of an elopement that feels so incredibly special to witness and document.

Many, many thanks to Valerie + Adam for having me as your wedding photographer.

I’ve been intending to get Adi and Julian’s Huntsville state park wedding up on my blog for quite some time. I just have such a soft spot for it. I believe it may have been the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed (if I’m remembering correctly over the past *almost* ten years of shooting weddings). They gathered with 30 of their nearest and dearest and started their lives together as family and it was intimate and sweet and relaxed and I honestly have not been able to stop thinking about how special that day was since I photographed it.

Some favorite memories I have from their wedding:

  • how Adi and Julian’s dog totally photobombed a bridesmaid photo at the hotel (please watch for this, it’s hilarious)
  • Adi + Julian’s first look in the forest — so serene, so gorgeous, so effortless and quiet
  • Their smiles. Man, their smiles all day long were so, so genuine.
  • Right after their first married kiss at the ceremony their dog was determined to be the first to congratulate the newlyweds and (totally unprompted) ran up to join in on the kissing and it was so stinkin’ cute
  • At one point in the reception I looked around the room and realized Adi and Julian weren’t there. I looked out the window and just saw them sitting together outside, looking out at the lake. I still get all kinds of feely remembering that moment. I just love the freedom they had in their day to do something like that instead of it being GOGOGODINNERTOASTSGREETINGSDANCERECEPTIONOVERBYE. Guys, that’s my favorite kind of wedding day — when a bride and groom are so in the moment, so relaxed that they can go soak in a sunset by themselves with no worries that they’re going to miss anything or need to be anywhere. Favorite, favorite, favorite.

There are honestly too many favorite memories I have to recount them all and then even if I did we’d never make it to the photo portion of this post so I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

I cannot express how much I enjoy this wedding sign.

You guys, I love me some grandparents with wedding cake.

Y’all, this is every single guest at their wedding — and all in a single photo! I love it!

Adi and Julian, I will forever have a soft spot for your wedding day. Thank you so much for inviting me in to document it for y’all.

And on that note — future brides and grooms, hit me up with all the small, intimate state park weddings, please. I love em I love em I love em.

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