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Here’s the thing — Chelsey is one of the most wonderful people in the entire world. I wish I could enumerate all the ways she is wonderful, but it would be too many to count and also I just know I would forget some major points so you’re all just going to have to take my word for it. The girl is wonderful in all the most important ways, and in all the most surprising ways, plus she knows all my favorite movie and television quotes and she has the best vocabulary and phrasing out of all the other speakers on this planet and did I mention that she is SWEET AS ALL GET OUT? (That last sentence accidentally turned into a list. For this I apologize.) She’s a favorite for sure and has been for about seven years now. Having her in my life has been such a gift.

And one day we get a text about this boy named Colby. And then the Instagram hashtag #boyfran started showing up on her feed. And then she brought him to Denton for us to lovingly interrogate. And then we found him to be outstanding as well, (not that she needed confirmation of this fact). And then #boyfran changed to #boyfranforlife and then I drove to Canton to take their engagement photos and to shout about how happy I was for them.

Enjoy a few of my favorites of Chelsey and Colby, her #boyfran #boyfranforlife #husbandof4days.

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new york city engagement photographer_01

I try not to keep it a secret that I love to travel and shoot in new spaces and places. But even more that exploring New York City, I so enjoyed spending time with Lauren and Phil — two of the coolest, most-laid back people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. They’re even surprisingly chill when it comes to braving the masses at Grand Central and dodging bikes on the Brooklyn Bridge, so lots of gold stars for these guys.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Lauren and Phil’s NYC engagement session.

new york city engagement photographer_02

new york city engagement photographer_03

new york city engagement photographer_04

new york city engagement photographer_05

new york city engagement photographer_06

new york city engagement photographer_07

new york city engagement photographer_08

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new york city engagement photographer_17

new york city engagement photographer_18ab

new york city engagement photographer_20

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new york city engagement photographer_22

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new york city engagement photographer_25

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new york city engagement photographer_28

new york city engagement photographer_29

new york city engagement photographer_30

new york city engagement photographer_31

new york city engagement photographer_32

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new york city engagement photographer_34

new york city engagement photographer_35

new york city engagement photographer_36

new york city engagement photographer_37

new york city engagement photographer_38

new york city engagement photographer_39

new york city engagement photographer_40

new york city engagement photographer_41

new york city engagement photographer_42

new york city engagement photographer_43

new york city engagement photographer_44

new york city engagement photographer_45

new york city engagement photographer_46

new york city engagement photographer_47

new york city engagement photographer_48

new york city engagement photographer_49

new york city engagement photographer_50

new york city engagement photographer_51

new york city engagement photographer_52

new york city engagement photographer_53

new york city engagement photographer_54

new york city engagement photographer_55

new york city engagement photographer_56

new york city engagement photographer_57

new york city engagement photographer_58


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new york city engagement photographer_63

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dallas engagement photographer_01

Patricia and Ben, on his family’s farm, in the prettiest summer sunshine Texas could possibly offer.

**contented photographer sigh**

dallas engagement photographer_02ab

dallas engagement photographer_04

dallas engagement photographer_05

dallas engagement photographer_06ab

dallas engagement photographer_08

dallas engagement photographer_09

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dallas engagement photographer_12

dallas engagement photographer_14

dallas engagement photographer_13

dallas engagement photographer_16

dallas engagement photographer_17

dallas engagement photographer_18

dallas engagement photographer_19ab

dallas engagement photographer_21

dallas engagement photographer_22

dallas engagement photographer_23ab

dallas engagement photographer_25

dallas engagement photographer_26

dallas engagement photographer_27

dallas engagement photographer_28

dallas engagement photographer_29

dallas engagement photographer_30

dallas engagement photographer_31

dallas engagement photographer_32

dallas engagement photographer_33ab

dallas engagement photographer_35

dallas engagement photographer_36

equestrian engagement session_01

This particular session makes me thankful for:

couples who laugh together

Sunny days that aren’t too hot

empty downtown streets

Jen Rios Weddings for trusting me with this sweet couple of hers

Beauty and the Blush for highlighting Kimberly’s naturally gorgeous hair and face like POP BAM WOW

a pretty horse named, Dakota

and love.

equestrian engagement session_02

equestrian engagement session_03

equestrian engagement session_04

equestrian engagement session_05

equestrian engagement session_06ab

equestrian engagement session_08

equestrian engagement session_11


equestrian engagement session_13

equestrian engagement session_15 (1)

equestrian engagement session_14

equestrian engagement session_17ab

equestrian engagement session_19

equestrian engagement session_20ab

equestrian engagement session_22

equestrian engagement session_23

equestrian engagement session_25

Kimberly has long been involved in the world of equestrian competition and so it was an absolute must to include pretty little Dakota in some of their portraits as well!

equestrian engagement session_27 (1)

equestrian engagement session_28

equestrian engagement session_30

equestrian engagement session_31

equestrian engagement session_32

equestrian engagement session_33

equestrian engagement session_34ab

equestrian engagement session_36 (1)

equestrian engagement session_36ab

equestrian engagement session_38

This sweet baby foal wasn’t allowed out, but LOOK HOW CUTE!!

equestrian engagement session_39


equestrian engagement session_40

equestrian engagement session_41

equestrian engagement session_42ab

equestrian engagement session_44

equestrian engagement session_45

equestrian engagement session_49

equestrian engagement session_47ab

equestrian engagement session_48

equestrian engagement session_50

equestrian engagement session_51

equestrian engagement session_52

equestrian engagement session_53

equestrian engagement session_54

equestrian engagement session_55ab

equestrian engagement session_57

equestrian engagement session_59

equestrian engagement session_64

Kimberly and Travis, y’all are some kind of stunning together. September cannot get here fast enough!

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