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Thank you for coming back to check out the second post from Cybil + Ambika’s amazing wedding week. I really am trying my best not to inundate you with too many photos — I just have too many favorites from this wedding that it’s hard to hold back. If you missed yesterday’s post go ahead and start there (just trust me on this) and then head on back here to see glimpses of their Christian wedding ceremony and reception.

part v: Christian ceremony

Something I so value about multi-day weddings is how much more in depth I’m able to witness the relationships that matter to my brides and grooms. By the time we got to Saturday it was my third day documenting their families and friendships and of course their Great Dane, Moco. I love that. I love that I love that I love that. I love that I can tell you all of their parents and siblings names because that’s how much time I spent with all of them. Sign me up for all the multi-day weddings, please and thank you. Right now as I prep this post I’m getting all the feels looking at the photos of Ambika’s mom, Bala, helping her get ready — particularly the portrait of them looking out the window together. Literally every time I scroll to that photo my eyes tear up. Juniper and I are soooooooo taking that photo on her wedding day now hahaha. Okay and then there is a photo of Cybil’s mom and dad helping him get ready and Daizy looks up at the camera with that proud momma smile and it just slayyyyyyys me (great capture on that one to my trusty little bro and second shooter, Jacob).  Okay, I’ll stop giving play-by-play commentary now (but I might have to pick back up mid-post, I might not be able to contain myself). AND THEN THERE’S CYBIL’S FACE DURING THE FIRST LOOK OK OK OK OK I’M DONE I’M DONE.

ASIDE: I’m going to tell you the following two facts and then you’ll read them and go yeahyeahyeahcoolcoolcool then when you get to the pictures you’re not going to believe me but it’s TRUE. A friend of Ambika’s made her gorgeous veil and another friend STRAIGHT UP MADE the stained glass ceremony backdrop. STAINED GLASS. I’m going to link to all the vendors again at the bottom of this post too but I just had to tell y’all at the beginning because I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how talented their friends are.

Okay, on to the photos now, I say!

Below Cybil and Ambika are raving to their maid of honor, Melissa, about how beautiful the stained glass she made was for their ceremony is. GUYS, SHE MAAAAADE IT!!!!

Cybil and Ambika wanted to exchange personalized vows in a more private, intimate setting so they shared those after the ceremony, just the two of them.

part VI: reception

It was outfit change then so many heartfelt (and oftentimes hilarious) toasts followed by dancing galore. I am so especially tickled remembering Cybil’s sister, Sharon’s, toast and where she called out Cybil being their mom’s favorite child based off of what was cooked for each of them when they visited home. Daizy’s reaction below was all of us.

Ambika + Cybil, I’m genuinely so sad to be writing the ending to this post because I honestly just like having reasons to reminisce on what a wonderful wedding y’all gave me the gift of being invited into to document. Thank you for this honor and trust. I definitely do not take it for granted. What a privilege to document these moments for y’all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Also — BECAUSE MY LITTLE BROTHERS BOTH TELL ME THAT NO ONE LOOKS AT BLOGS ANYMORE BECAUSE IT’S TOO HARD TO LEAVE INSTAGRAM APPARENTLY (“I want to roll my eyes right now, but the doctor says that if I keep doing it, my ocular muscles might spasm and eject my eyeballs.” – Liz Lemon) — thank you to anyone who went to the great effort of actually looking at this full post. I keep blogging in this Instagram world because I truly believe this is how my work is best viewed. I care about the story. All of it. Not just the single images that will be received best on Instagram. And maybe that makes me old. My brothers tell me it does. They ALSO told me I might as well look up websites in the yellow pages when I try to find things on Google instead of Instagram . . . well, one of them told me that and the other one didn’t know what the yellow pages even were. So.


Wedding coordinator: Electric Karma

Venue: CityPlace Marriott Springwoods Village

Ceremony backdrop: Melissa Graham

Catering: Bombay Brasserie

Cake: Who Made the Cake

DJ: Desi Junction

Reception Decor: Dream Decors

Video: A&A

Bridal Hair and Make-up: Blush and Glow

Henna: Paisley and Swirls

Bridal Veil: L. Viola-Vu

Wedding party hair and make-up: Makeup by Shazia

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