Jillian Zamora Photography – 2022 Year in Review

Y’all can just go ahead and thank my husband for narrowing down this post from 500+ images to sub 200. Welcome to my 2022 Year in Review blogpost – only three months later than I’d hoped haha. But I got all my editing done on time and cared for a houseful of three small children and a husband so I feel fairly accomplished with that.

For the first time on a year in review I wasn’t able to get every single shoot represented in the post because I switched my editing a bit and wanted to keep this post cohesive with the new edits — however it’s about three quarters of my year represented. If your face wasn’t in here and I took your photos last year just know I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I just couldn’t find the RAW images from your session to re-edit a few to match these.

The year took me to Austin, Houston (more times than in any other year — it was THE YEAR of Houston for JZP), Dallas (my longtime JZP home base), Boston (my first time!), Bend, OR and to the great state of Hawaii (also my first time and, let me just say, BIG FAN).

Always and forever I am so thankful for all those who hired me to document a portion of their lives last year with my camera. I am truly honored to have been trusted with this privilege to capture the dear, honest and blissful moments of your lives in 2022.

I kicked off 2022 with Ankitha + Jose’s wedding in Austin, TX.

This next set was from my time in Boston, MA with Mounica + Joe. We got to take some of their day before portraits around Beacon Hill which was GLORIOUSLY FUN (as are M + J)! Also, quick story, Mounica originally reached out about their wedding slated for May 2020 . . . we all know many large weddings didn’t end up taking place that particular summer. I was SHOCKED and DELIGHTED when she reached back out at the start of 2022 and was like, “So . . . would you still like to shoot our wedding?” So I’m especially thankful to have been a part of their wedding day because it had been such a long time coming.

At this point in the post alone we’re to the SIXTH of my past wedding couples who hired me to photograph their growing families in 2022 (and many more to come later in the post). This particular family are longtime friends of mine, one of whom is also a wedding photographer! I got to visit with the Oehlers when we were in Bend, Oregon this summer and meet their precious son and do a family photo swap with Allison — WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BETTER??

And now we’re at the point in the post where I get to pinch myself YET AGAIN that this beautiful job takes me to all the beautiful corners of the world and this year it took me, for the first time ever, to Hawaii for Dani + Dalton’s intimate 20-person wedding. I got to be the 21st person and document every single bit of the ocean waves crashing, tropical ferns as big as a full grown adult, sunsets over the water and all the friends and family who had travelled to celebrate Dani + Dalton’s marriage.

The following set are just a small sprinkling of the fall minis I got to take in October and I’m totally going to offer mini sessions again this year because it was SO MUCH FUN to see so many past clients (and new clients) all together in a single day — just warmth and delight all the livelong day.

INCOMING — more lovely past brides + grooms and their lovely offspring! HAVE I MENTIONED I ADORE MY JOB??? LOOK AT ALL THESE BABIESSSSS.

For real, I get to work with some of the kindest people in the world. Two of whom are named Pragnya + Kishan.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the clients pictured (and the ones who didn’t make it into this post but you know who you are) and all the clients who have already booked again for 2023. Each and every one of you mean so much to me. I love photographing your first days as a family + your first days as your family grows + all the in between days too.

I’ll end this post with the same final words I say as I put my three kids to bed each night:

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE you.

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  1. Patty Moore says:

    Jillian, your photographs are amazing! You definitely have an artist eye that translates to your photographs! You should be very proud! ❤️

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