JZP: new website + new blog + new logo + new city

Hello! I have an announcement — this will be the last blogpost published at this blog address because, after more than a decade with my old branding, I have a new website + blog + logo! EXCITING, RIGHT?? My website address is the same as always: www.jillianzamora.com and my new blog address is a part of the new site at: www.jillianzamora.com/blog

My new site and blog were designed by Atelier M. She’s lovely and created a site + blog truly reflective of JZP. Thanks so much, Xhen!

I also have a new logo, created by the talented Bret Hawkins. He was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend him.

Our family has also moved to a new city — Savannah, GA! SO MUCH NEW IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!

My husband, James, is now a professor at Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) and I’ll be operating JZP now out of Savannah, as well as out of DFW where the majority of my client base/word of mouth is! So if you have friends/family/acquaintances near Savannah, please pass my name and new website along to them! It would be such a help getting established in a totally new state. But also keep passing my name along in DFW as well — I still intend to take weddings there and plan photo sessions around those as well. And, as always, I’m open to weddings in any destination outside of those cities I mentioned so basically my message is, never hesitate to reach out 🙂

I’m thankful to our friend, Mala, who took this photo for us in front of our house in Natchitoches before we moved.

Thank you for reading and for checking out the new site + blog! A whole lot of time and effort went into making those a reality so finally getting to share them with you is so exciting!

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