March is always such a lovely time to photograph in Texas. Generally it’s no longer frigid from winter but still remains untouched by the scorching heat that could hit us as soon as April.

March is just nice. March and I are on really good terms.

Enjoy a peak into JZP’s March 2012 . . .

First up was the second half of the Massey’s make-up session since their first session in December turned us into ice cubes.

I nearly went into conniptions over Kimberly’s pinwheel bridal session.

Look at all those pinwheels! And that beautiful bride!

Kimberly and Christopher’s pinwheel wedding will hit the blog before the end of the week so be sure to check back for that post.

Jerry and Heather were so adorable during their blissfully engaged session in good ‘ole downtown Fort Worth.

I also got to do a family session for some dear extended family of mine and, boy, were they a laughing group.

Megan and Blake took their engagement photos at Cavanaugh flight museum amongst the airplanes because Blake is an airman in the US Air Force.

Sidenote: I think nose crinkles are SOCUTE.

March also held my first newborn session . . . my first newborn session to photograph . . . this is not my newborn . . .

Katy’s senior session was so fun and full of her edgy style. Love it.

Ah, and one of the best’s had me take some college graduation portraits for her. Isn’t Kelsey just darling?? I LOVED that we integrated her affinity for knitting into the shoot too!

The Rodriguez family chose the Fort Worth botanical gardens as their family photo session backdrop.

Skylar totally worked the camera for her session full of beautiful light, pretty pink lipstick and a lovely high school senior.

You guys, Tabatha and Steven are just THEBEST together. Their engagement session was scheduled for right after Steven returned from a deployment with the Air Force. The Air Force was alllll over my March.

 Yes, this was the majority of my March 2012, but a couple other full posts from March will be following shortly.

On to February! The month of destination graduation sessions!

I particularly enjoyed this Deep Ellum session with Garrett. I love when I arrive to photograph a session and I can tell right away what my client’s style is and that is the way it was with Garrett.

James Dean, anyone? Am I the only one who sees it?

Photographing Brittany and Matt’s February wedding had been long awaited, as Brittany has been a loyal JZP for a long time leading up to this day. I so appreciate her!

Cindy and Gerardo were such a genuinely interesting pair to get to know and I was so honored to be invited into this sweet time period leading up to their March wedding.

Rachel graduated from Tolar High School this past May and is now off at A&M running cross country there. I’m so proud of her. These are a couple of images from her senior session.

Stephanie and Ben’s courthouse nuptials was actually my second justice-of-the-peace ceremony to photograph. It’s always such a different feeling photographing such a small, intimate affair as this, and I treasure it. Afterwards of course we took some bride-groom portraits!

Oh, Billy. Such an enjoyable fellow. For his senior session we started out photographing around his house, then headed to the local fire department where he volunteers, and finished by skipping some rocks on a river. Now THAT is a good senior session.

 And there you have it — a teeny, tiny snippet of what my February 2012 held. More posts to come soon, so stay tuned! We’re moving right along.

Again, I’m doing a group blogpost to aid in my catch-up blogging attempts — this time it’s all of my (non-engagement) portrait sessions for October! Enjoy!

First up is a senior session I shot for sweet Libby back in my little hometown. Libby has grown into a beautiful young lady ABOUT TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL and I know I speak for both myself and for her momma when I say we’re so proud of her.

Now for a mini Christmas card session I did for Jennifer and Jacob and their two pups. The light was beautiful, the dogs were precious and Jennifer and Jacob’s adoration for each other was palpable.

Next up is DARLING KACIE! I recently posted about her fall engagement session and in the same month we shot her golf-themed bridal session! Yes, a golf-themed bridal session to surprise her golf-enthusiast groom, Seth.

The last portrait session from October are my SISTER’S bridals that we took RULL QUICK the morning before her wedding day. So that was some quick turnaround. And when I say quick turnaround, I mean we took the photos at 9 a.m., by 10 a.m. I had them uploaded to my laptop and by 11 a.m. we were on our way to get them developed. All this to say, my sister is beautiful, married and lives in California now and I miss her.

October was good to me.

Meet my friend, Lauren.

She’s a doll.

Well, technically she’s a human, but she’s just a bit more adorable than the rest of the world.

She will graduate from the University of North Texas (CAWWWW!!) this August with a degree in Hospitality.

Gosh, I honestly don’t think she could be any cuter if she tried. I said it.

Anyone who’s even remotely familiar with Lauren knows she’s frequent visitor to Beth Marie’s (a lovely little ice cream shop on the Denton square). I personally think that with these shots she should be the new Beth Marie’s poster girl. I’m just throwing it out there.

Lauren, you are a gem.

And I mean that with my whole heart.

Happy gradual!

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