Meet Breana.

We started off Breana’s senior session perusing the Denton square. Breana graduated last may from a Denton high school and will go to college in the fall to study education.

Get it, girlfran.

After some time on the square we headed out to the Greenbelt for some more nature-y shots.

We were hoping for wildflowers, but there were none to be had. However, I really love the way this shot turned out, Breana. You look absolutely stunning.

Hope you’re enjoying your first summer as a high school grad, Breana! Best wishes as you start college in the fall!

Meet Jenny.

Jenny is my sweet, giggly, little cousin.

So I have no idea how it is possible that I am sitting here posting her s-e-n-i-o-r pictures . . .

It was an overcast day when we took her pictures, and I love the silvery, diffused natural light we were given to work with.

And no, she doesn’t model on the side. She’s just a natural.

Jenny’s mom, Joan (my ┬ámom’s cousin which makes her my second-cousin but I still sometimes knowingly call her an aunt), was with us at the session, and told me that ever since Jenny was a little girl she loved to twirl. So twirl she did.

I love this shot above more than I think I can explain.

Jenny attends Southlake Carroll High School, where she’s competed in track and field and will be going into her fourth year of playing trombone in the band.

Jenny is the type of girl who is all kinds of gorgeous, but I’m not even sure if she fully realizes it.

So this is me helping you realize it, if you needed any help, Jenny.

For the last portion of the shoot Jenny whipped out her high heels and worked it at the Southlake Town Square.

And we’ll end with this shot of Jenny and her beloved family cat, Bear, because this shot is just so Jenny – sweet and beautiful.

Jenny, it’s just amazing to me that you’ll be going off to your pick of college next fall — it really blows my mind. I’m so excited to see where you choose and how you’ll flourish there. I have no doubts in my mind that you’ll do wonderfully.

Here’s to a great senior year!

Meet Dana.

And please, oh please, notice the picturesque bird that landed right behind her for the above shot.

Dana needed some pictures made to commemorate her upcoming graduation from graduate school at the University of North Texas.

Dana told me that her boyfriend had warned her not to take every picture at the session in her signature pose: hand on hip, big smile. Well, needless to say, boyfriend of Dana, that was not an issue.

It made me happy to see that this photo session was an opportunity for Dana to break the mold, whip out her modeling moves, and feel especially beautiful.

When Dana and I were brainstorming ideas for her shoot, I asked her what she loved to do. Her answer: Shopping.

I really enjoyed being able to use the available lighting and shadows to create a more dramatic photo. It also doesn’t hurt that Dana is entirely 100% fierce too.

I know this next one is super-similar to the above shot. I just flat-out could. not. choose. So I just blogged both.

This place was just filled to the brim with interesting textures that I think made for interesting photos.

Dana, you are fabulous beyond words. Really and truly. Know it, let it sink in and claim it.

Congratulations on earning your Master’s degree!

Meet Trent.

I don’t usually make seniors do push-ups during their photo sessions, but Trent was a special case. Trent is a part of the honor guard at his high school. I didn’t know what an honor guard was (I went to a verrrrrry small high school) so I asked him what they did and he told me that one of their tasks was to do pushups every time the football team made a touchdown. So I told him to drop and give me twenty.

Another important factor in Trent’s life is his dog, Max. Trent’s mom, Gay, told me that when 8-year-old Trent went to the pound looking for a pup it was clear that Max chose Trent to be his owner.

Trent also wanted some shots with his truck. We loaded up and headed just down a country road near their house to change the scenery. Max and Trent’s 7-year-old sister, Lyndee, piled in the back of the truck. Gay told Trent to be careful driving because there was precious cargo in the back. Trent said he was more worried about Max than Lyndee — but I’m pretty sure he was just joking.

At this point in the shoot I enlisted Lyndee to get Trent to laugh . . .

She succeeded by pulling out her “sassy face.” I thought it was so precious how easily Lyndee could get Trent to crack a smile. You could tell they just adored each other.

Trent also played second-base and outfield for his HS baseball team, so we pulled in some of his baseball gear for the next few shots.

I just thought the above right picture was really funny . . . sorry Trent . . .

In the fall Trent will head off to A&M to be one of those Aggie-folk. And he’s pretty excited about it.

Best wishes to you, Trent! If you ever need help smiling off at College Station you can always just whip out the picture of Lyndee making her “sassy face.”

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