Y’all. There is something so sweet about photographing a high school senior, particularly one from my high school alma mater.

I think it’s because I’m a relatively (/intensely) nostalgic person and when I think back to high school graduation (class of 2007 and graduating with 59 other seniors — holla) I had not even a smidgeon of a dream that I would become a wedding photographer. I just knew the world was open and I was taking steps toward whatever was coming next.

At that time in my life the goal of becoming a full time wedding photographer would have seemed completely unattainable and about as close to happening to me as becoming an Olympic gymnast — my mother always told me I was way too tall to be a gymnast.

So Logan, I know it seems like I went all motivational speaker just now, but know that I wholeheartedly believe exciting things are in store for you in the years ahead!


















  I hope you have a wonderful end to your senior year and know that it’s also a wonderful start to something new.

Sidenote: I do want everyone to know that my mother is not a dream-crusher — I really was way too tall to ever be an Olympic gymnast. But my height works to my advantage when photographing so I’d say it evens out.


This December I had the pleasure of going to New Braunfels to photograph Quinn’s senior portraits around the town. I could tell from our initial e-mail interactions that I was going to love working with this girl, but when I finally got to meet vivacious, bursts-of-laughter, gorgeous, suh-WEET-as-can-be Quinn in person and heard her plans for the session locations there was no doubt that this was going to undoubtedly be one of my favorite senior sessions to date.





It wouldn’t be a proper New Braunfels photo shoot without the river making an appearance.






Next up was downtown New Braunfels.










As much as I loved shooting at the river and in downtown New Braunfels, I think my favorite part of the session was when we headed out to the farm Quinn’s family lived on when they first moved to New Braunfels. Just from talking to Quinn and her parents I could tell this location held many memories and so much meaning to all of them.


















 Thank you, thank you, Quinn for having me come out to New Braunfels to take some photos during this exciting season of your life. I’m so excited for all that is in store for you as you finish up your senior year and head off to Baylor in the fall!

Ah, May. The month of bridal sessions and the very beginning of the summer wedding season. If you’re a wedding photographer, you love May.

Let’s start this recap post off with the ridiculously gorgeous Cassidy, whose senior photos I took around TWU.

Remember last week’s post of the clothesline maternity session (which, I realize now sounds relatively violent, but I promise it was entirely peaceful)? Well, here’s the part II — a sweet little newborn session.

It kills me to have to reduce such a gorgeous garden wedding down to a measly thirteen photos, but alas, here is just the tiniest peek into Deanna and Scott’s lovely Arboretum wedding followed by a intimate reception at local restaurant.

In May I also took some family photos for my dear friend Kelsey’s family. They’re always such a hoot.

And goodness gracious, everyone take a quick second to gawk with me over how absolutely gorgeous Kaity was for her bridal session at the Fort Worth botanic gardens.

Sweet Mandi’s bridal session took place at the good ‘ol TWU gardens.

How fun is it that Meghan included her now husband’s trumpet in her bridal session. If you missed it earlier, be sure to also check out Meghan and Matt’s teacher love engagement session from December! The trumpet makes an appearance there too!

In true Sarah-fashion, this next bride was all laughs and giggles at her Wildwood Inn bridal session.

Stefanie and Scott’s wedding day took place at Edison’s in Dallas and man-oh-man was that venue packed full with with l-o-v-e.

I’m so excited to share Theresa and Gaba’s wedding day images, but in the meantime posting Theresa’s pretty bridals are going to have to hold me over.

Ah! It’s Trina and Toby’s engagement session. I actually just shot their UH-mazing wedding two weeks ago and you can view their wedding preview on the JZP Facebook page right here.

 That was May’s recap. Check back through the rest of the week to view a few more May wedding blogposts and then before you know it we’ll be up to June!

April was so sweet.

To illustrate my point, here are a few of the lovely Sarah’s bridals.

And then there was my road trip to Lubbock to take my darling friend Sara’s college graduation photos. (p.s. Sara, if you’re reading this, let’s have dinner soon!)

I always love shooting at the Milestone, especially when the bride is as stunning as Kara.

Every time I look at this above image I see Scarlett from “Gone With the Wind.”

And who doesn’t love a precious camping engagement session with a full-grown boy scout and girl scout?

Emily and Sam worked the camera at their Denton engagement session before tying the knot this past July.

Well hey! Speaking of Emily — I also took her bridals in April!

It may have been super-cloudy on the day we took Terri and Tim’s engagement photos but these two are so goofy together the place brightened right up.

Wait for it . . . .waaaaaaait for it: Here are their signature Robert Di Niro impressions.

This photo session was part destination graduation and part sibling photos as a surprise for Anne’s parents.

I just saw these two get married on Saturday! Their preview will be up before the end of the week, but while you’re waiting why don’t you check out a few of Laura and Tristan’s engagement photos?

I think the world of Keri and Nick. Plus the light at their engagement session was to die for so, you know, double win.

And gosh, speaking of April being a sweet month, it’s so fitting to end with a few of Kari and Jim’s engagement photos.

 And there you have it — an incredibly fast-forwarded summary of my April 2012. Check back soon for a couple post showcasing my April 2012 weddings too!

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