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Things I enjoy:

– photographing the wedding of a sibling of past brides and grooms of mine — WARMS MY LIL HEART!

– documenting Indian weddings and because they are seriously SO FUN

– photographing people who genuinely enjoy themselves and the people they surround themselves with on their wedding day — it seems like a no-brainer, but not everyone does. Anita and Michael do and I like that very much.

– getting work from SEVEN MONTHS AGO up on my blog finally

– using caps lock to show how emphatic I’m feeling (obviously)

Anita and Michael’s Indian bride-groom portraits, if you happened to miss that previous post

– and the dark chocolate covered sea salt butterscotch caramels from Trader Joes that I’m consuming while I write this post

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And if you’re sad that the post is over — DON’T BE! I’ll be blogging Anita and Michael’s Chapel at Ana Villa wedding tomorrow. That’s right, I’m blogging two days in a row. Huzzah!

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My dear blog,

Please accept my sincerest apologies for neglecting you these past couple of months. I promise you that it is nothing personal! In the midst of the crazy wedding season from April until now, I just lost myself in shootingshootingshooting/editingeditingediting and sadly got out of the habit of paying you the proper amount of attention. I’m ready to change. Please take me back?


It’s been three years of photographing the Dotson family and I never ever ever want to stop meeting up with them and documenting slices of life in their darling family. There are photographers out there who can work their magic to make your life appear still and pristine in photos, but that’s not my game. I want to photograph life lived together, and all the jumping on beds and hugs that happen along the way. Dotsons, I am thankful for you.

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margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_01

I just like Alia and Ronnie a whole big bunch — I really don’t know any other way to say it. I love that Alia and I were able to bond over our mutual appreciation of Taylor Swift and that she gave me recommendations for cute puppy instagram accounts to follow. I love that Ronnie has such an easy-going, while at the same time distinctly confident, way about him. I love that these two laugh easily around each other and never second-guessed any instruction I gave them during the shoot. Yep, I like these two a whole big bunch.

We started out nice and easy at their alma mater, SMU, which also happens to be the place they met. And then we kicked things up a notch at the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and the resulting photos we got there make me wiggle my eyebrows in satisfaction.


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_04

 Helloooooooo, Margaret.

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_09

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_10

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_11


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_14


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_17

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_18

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_19

Alia and Ronnie, these outfit choices are ON POINT.

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_20


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_23

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_24

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_25

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_26

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_27

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_28

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_29

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_30

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_31

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_32


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_35

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_36

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_37


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_40

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_41

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_42

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_43

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_45

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_44

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_46

We were having so much fun together that even the sun going down didn’t stop us. Alia and Ronnie, I am SO EXCITED to meet back up with y’all next month for wedding festivities, you have no idea.

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__051

All this rainy weather we’ve been having lately keeps reminding me I need to get Carson and Preston’s November wedding up on the blog (finally). So that’s what I’m doing today.

A few days before their wedding I get an e-mail from Carson that said, “It does look like it’s going to rain on Saturday. I’m actually not worried at all! Just so you know we have bubble umbrellas and rain boots for cute-ness and Preston and I are super flexible and excited either way.” ‘Atta girl, Carson. ‘Atta girl.

And rain it did that Saturday. But worry we did not. Some of the photos below were taken in the rain, some were taken between showers, plus a storm hit during the ceremony and even flooded part of the aisle. Still, every single person there was excited either way.

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__005

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__006

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__007

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__008

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__009

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swingin d ranch wedding photographer__015


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swingin d ranch wedding photographer__029


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swingin d ranch wedding photographer__039


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swingin d ranch wedding photographer__117

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__118

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__119

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__120



swingin d ranch wedding photographer__124

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__125

swingin d ranch wedding photographer__126

You know, it may have been three or four times throughout the course of their wedding day that Carson looked at me with astounding sincerity and said, “I am so glad you’re here today.” That’s the kind of people Carson and Preston are. It was the kind of wedding I left feeling warm and fuzzy and so incredibly blessed to have played the role of documenter for.
The warm-fuzzies didn’t stop after the wedding either, because when I sent Carson the gallery link of images once they were all edited, this was her response:
“Jillian! Oh these are the most beautiful pictures I could have asked for. You captured the day perfectly. I am the happiest. I feel like not only did you encompass what the day looked like in the photos, but completely what the day felt like. I was able to go on the journey of the whole day again. The storytelling was spot on. I feel so blessed to get to experience it all again.”
That right there is exactly what I’m after in shooting weddings. I hope looking at the images takes you back to the feeling of your wedding day over and over again — it was definitely a day worth reliving.
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