You guys, I could just about cry looking at these photos, reminiscing about this morning spent with Kelsey and Talon at sunrise along the Seine. What a gift it was to take these photos, in this truly magical city, of two such refreshing, lovely people! This shoot was invigorating. There are times when I put work out into the world and I really hope that other people like it, that they get what I’m going for, that it’s well received. (That’s the majority of the time and I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just don’t want it to own me, ya know?) And then there are times like right now when I feel SO DANG STRONGLY about this work being everything that I want it to be, about it capturing that very morning and these very people that I’m happy with it just existing. I’m happy just to have made these photos. I’m happy just to have been there.

In July James and I had the immense joy of visiting some friends of ours who moved to Paris at the end of last year (HI, COLIN AND CINDY!! OH MY GOSH I MISS Y’ALL) and in the months leading up to the trip I saw Kelsey post on her instagram that she and her husband were going to be in Paris THE SAME TIME AS US. Funny story, we all used to live in the same city (Denton, WOO!) but never had a chance to actually meet in person so logically the time to make that happen for the first time was on the other side of the world, at sunrise.

Kelsey and Talon love big and that is for real one of my most favorite things to photograph. Other things to note — it was super chilly and James shivered his way through the shoot, my brand new shoes wouldn’t stay on my feet and kept slipping off THE. ENTIRE. TIME. and my eyes watered so much that Kelsey lent me mascara for the second half of the shoot AND taught me how to curl my eyelashes (HASHTAGfriend material). Also when we were all finished taking photos (Kelsey took some of us too and I love love love them so!) we all had coffee at Shakespeare and Co and sat at a table next to Dianne Wiest (which was especially exciting to me because I had JUST finished watching “Life in Pieces”).

Take me back, take me back, take me baaaaaack. As they say (“they” being Audrey Hepburn as a character in the movie ‘Sabrina’ so like, do I attribute that to the writer?? QUANDRY! I digress.) — Paris is always a good idea. Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot along the Seine.

As you were reading the opening paragraph of this post you were probably rolling your eyes like, “Yeah, I’m sure that’s reeeeeeeeally hard for you to feel this strongly about photos taken in PARIS, Jillian.” (and first of all, touchè haha) but also I think that’s one of the joys of traveling to a new place to shoot and, in my humble opinion, it’s a reason to at least not rule out hiring a photographer you really connect with to travel to you to shoot.

There’s wonder that comes with fresh eyes.

And please do not hear me say that it’s impossible for people to maintain their air of wonder about the place in which they dwell (Y’ALL KNOW I LOVE DENTON), and there’s certainly something that comes with a photographer who is knowledgable of an area. But all I’m saying is, wonder is a magical thing. It’s an inspiring thing. And I will always, always be open to traveling to shoot in new places and bringing all the wonder with me when I do!


Ever since my childhood, when we’d watch Boy Meets World on TGIF every week, I’ve had a long-running obsession with Cory-and-Topanga type relationships. I mean, what are the chances of meeting the person you’ll marry and spend the rest of your life with when you’re still a practically a child yourself? There’s something about knowing and loving someone in some of their (and your) most formative years, emerging on the other side of adolescence together, entering adulthood together and being able to say, “It’s you. I still choose you. You are the one.”

Kim and Caleb, having first met each other as a freshman and a sophomore in high school marching band, have this tried and tested steadiness and sureness about their relationship that is so striking to me. Being invited in to the culmination of their nine years together at the point of their engagement and wedding was such an honor. Honestly at the wedding, being surrounded by the friends and family that had been there as witnesses to all the years of Kim-and-Caleb, I had the remarkable feeling that I had been given the privilege of jumping the line and walked right inside for the opening of a show that everyone had been waiting for years to come see. It was special and it was sweet and it was so very, very good.

You’ll see a lot of musical elements throughout their wedding day (LOOKIN AT YOU, FLOWER-FILLED TRUMPET) because they first connected in band and over music — Caleb is even a band director himself now! As always, getting to work with Jen Rios Weddings was THE BEST EVER and I cannot recommend her to my brides and grooms enough. Scroll to the end of the post to see a full vendor list — they’re all wonderful! And now for some of my favorite photos from Kim and Caleb’s Fort Worth wedding this June.

Videography | Handcrafted Wedding Films

Planning & Design | Jen Rios Weddings

Floral Design | Everly Alaine Florals

Desserts | sugar bee sweets bakery

Rentals | May I Serve U – Party Rentals and Staffing + La Tavola Linen Dallas + Pretty Little Plates

Paper | Ally B Designs + Goldie Design Co.

Beauty | Beauty & the Blush Artistry

Catering | Magdalena’s

Entertainment | Rob Williams

Ceremony | TCU Robert Carr Chapel

Reception | Brik Venue

You know those days where anything that could possibly go wrong does? That was Kayla and Jeremy’s originally scheduled engagement session day. And in case you think I’m being facetious let me list it out for you — the dress she ordered and paid for rush shipping was the wrong size, her make-up appointment went south so she ended up re-doing it herself (because getting make-up just right is hard, you guys!!) and then we were literally turned away from the gate where we were planning to shoot because they decided to close early. We needed a reset button for the whole dang day.

So that’s what we did. We shook off the bad day and met back up a week later and man, oh man, if we didn’t effortlessly get some of my most favorite photos of all time. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Kayla and Jeremy showed up to the second shoot with an Easter basket full of goodies for my daughter Juniper which was so sweet I could have cried. So now every time I read Juni her Peter Rabbit book I think of Kayla and Jeremy and the best, best reset day.

First of all, if you haven’t seen part I of Tamara + Sunil’s wedding day, click here to catch up on the first half of the day.

After the Barat and Indian ceremony it was time for an outfit change — which meant champagne and samosas for guests — and then it was on to their Western ceremony.

This day was endless fun.

At the end of the night as James and I were driving away from Pecan Springs Ranch we weren’t talking about the white horse, or Tamara and Sunil’s adorable dog Windsor or even the miniature donkeys hanging out with guests at the cocktail hour — we were talking about how wonderful Tamara + Sunil are. How kind, inviting, genuine and downright fun they are and how lucky we felt to know them and document the first day of their lives as “the Patels.”

Oh, and we were also talking about the Indian food served for dinner because DANGDANG IT WAS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS.

Hair + Makeup: Red Stella Salon

Floral: Central Market

Video: Adam Grumbo Films

Day of Coordinator: Kaylee Wagner – Wagner Weds

Rentals: Mancino Rentals

Taj Palace Catering

Rosarito Food Truck

Fantasia Carriages

Royal Dukes Band

Henna: Nisha Agarwal

Wedding Cake: Michelle’s Patisserie

Monarch Event Rental

Austin Classic Limos

Photobooth: Let’s Booth It

Draping: Timeless Treasures


Timeless Treasures

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