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In case you missed the last blog post of this gorgeous couple’s rainy day wedding, be sure to check it out here. Because the clouds opened up and let out a complete downpour on Ashlei and Jesse’s wedding day I had no idea what we were going to do about bride-groom portraits. It was a fully outdoor venue and my flash equipment wasn’t going to hack it exposed to a rainstorm, plus the bride and groom were soaked to the bone. I thought about this mini-predicament throughout the entire reception because there was NO WAY a couple was going to go to the trouble of flying JZP all the way from Texas to Georgia and NOT end up with any bride-groom portraits. Then it hit me — perhaps it would be sunny again TOMORROW and perhaps Ashlei and Jesse would be game for waking up early for a day after photo session, and perhaps our ride back into Atlanta wouldn’t mind pushing back our scheduled departure time to¬†accommodate such a plan.

Seeing as how God is good, Ashlei and Jesse are awesome, and our ride back to Atlanta just happened to be the bride’s super-sweet parents, everything came together and we were able to do bride-groom portraits in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE the next morning at the wedding venue.

Are they not two of the most beautiful people you’ve EVER SEEN?

Happy/contented sigh. Love. Just love everything about the above image.

It’s just crazy how perfectly everything fell into place after what seemed like everything first falling out of place.

Ashlei and Jesse — I couldn’t have asked for better clients to work with. I’m convinced that you two and all of your family have GOT to be some of the nicest people in all of Georgia. On one of the most important weekends of your lives, you took the time to make me and James feel like family. And we’re so thankful to have been a part.

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  1. Ashlei Burgess says:

    Aaaaaaand.. I’m still crying :):):):) haha.. Beautiful. So precious and beautiful. I will never be able to thank you enough my dear :):) I can’t wait to one day fly you guys out again to do a maternity shoot and baby pictures and family pictures… Haha I’m getting a little ahead of myself but I will say that any major events in our lives will absolutely have to be documented by JZP. In my mind, there is no other team that can compare :):):) y’all have sufficiently spoiled us!!

  2. Dottie says:

    These are so of the most beautiful photo’s that I have ever seen…. They look so HAPPY and even more relaxed then other couples, that have photo’s done the day of their wedding. I think that more people should think about doing their photo’s the day after. They just might be more relaxed…. Great job… Love all the photo’s

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