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You guys, I’m obsessed with Rachel and Dan’s engagement session. We met up one Sunday in April and went all over South Congress before heading over to their go-to dive bar and ended up splashing around in Bull Creek. Something I love about these two is that they DON’T STOP MOVING. Like, ever. As someone who will always choose photographing motion and real interactions over a pose here and a pose there let’s just say having these two in front of my camera had me like a kid in a candy store — we didn’t stop shooting until the sun was down.

It just seems like you should have a good time when you’re with the person you’re going to marry and let me tell you Rachel and Dan are nonstop smiles together — kind of like me when I look at these photos from their Austin engagement session. Enjoy!

austin engagement photographer_101

austin engagement photographer_104

austin engagement photographer_105

austin engagement photographer_103

austin engagement photographer_106

austin engagement photographer_107

austin engagement photographer_108

austin engagement photographer_112

austin engagement photographer_109

austin engagement photographer_111

austin engagement photographer_114

austin engagement photographer_117

austin engagement photographer_118

austin engagement photographer_116

austin engagement photographer_120

austin engagement photographer_121

austin engagement photographer_122

austin engagement photographer_123

austin engagement photographer_124

austin engagement photographer_125

austin engagement photographer_126

austin engagement photographer_127

austin engagement photographer_128

austin engagement photographer_129

austin engagement photographer_130

austin engagement photographer_131

austin engagement photographer_133

austin engagement photographer_134

austin engagement photographer_135

austin engagement photographer_136

austin engagement photographer_137

austin engagement photographer_138

austin engagement photographer_139

austin engagement photographer_140

austin engagement photographer_141

austin engagement photographer_143

austin engagement photographer_144

austin engagement photographer_145

austin engagement photographer_160

austin engagement photographer_161

austin engagement photographer_162

austin engagement photographer_147

austin engagement photographer_148

austin engagement photographer_146

austin engagement photographer_150

austin engagement photographer_149

austin engagement photographer_151

austin engagement photographer_152 austin engagement photographer_153

austin engagement photographer_154

austin engagement photographer_155

austin engagement photographer_156

austin engagement photographer_157

austin engagement photographer_158

austin engagement photographer_159

You can view a preview from Rachel and Dan’s Barr Mansion Austin wedding here.

bend oregon wedding photographer_001

I’ve never cried at an engagement session before, until Allison and Johnny’s. But then again, I’ve never had clients cry at an engagement session before until Allison and Johnny. Thank you, both, for being present enough to feel that much. That’s more than I could ever hope for.

The love Allison and Johnny have, it’s beautiful. Like, make-your-friend-cry(AGAIN)-on-the-plane-home-from-your-engagement-session beautiful. Like thank-the-good-Lord-every-time-you-think-of-it beautiful. It’s that strong, I’ve-really-thought-this-through-and-I-mean-it love. It’s the I-want-to-take-care-of-you, admirable kind of love.

Johnny, you’re one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met — I’m thankful my friend has you and I’m so thankful you have her. Allison, I love being friends with you. It’s awesome because you know how to encourage me when I’m feeling fragile, you teach me (maybe multiple times) how to use SnapChat and I still can’t get over the privilege of being entrusted with your wedding photography (which I’m not gonna pretend isn’t mega-intimidating since you’re a crazy-talented photographer whose work I admire so much). Whatever, I love you guys and I’ll leave it at that.

Here some of my favorites from Allison and Johnny’s engagement session in beautiful, beautiful Bend, Oregon.

bend oregon wedding photographer_002

bend oregon wedding photographer_003

bend oregon wedding photographer_004

bend oregon wedding photographer_005

bend oregon wedding photographer_010

bend oregon wedding photographer_006

bend oregon wedding photographer_007

bend oregon wedding photographer_008


bend oregon wedding photographer_011

bend oregon wedding photographer_012

bend oregon wedding photographer_013

bend oregon wedding photographer_014

bend oregon wedding photographer_015

bend oregon wedding photographer_016

bend oregon wedding photographer_017

bend oregon wedding photographer_018

bend oregon wedding photographer_019

bend oregon wedding photographer_020

bend oregon wedding photographer_021

bend oregon wedding photographer_022

bend oregon wedding photographer_023

bend oregon wedding photographer_024

bend oregon wedding photographer_025

bend oregon wedding photographer_026


bend oregon wedding photographer_028

bend oregon wedding photographer_029

bend oregon wedding photographer_030

bend oregon wedding photographer_031

bend oregon wedding photographer_032

bend oregon wedding photographer_033

bend oregon wedding photographer_034

bend oregon wedding photographer_035

bend oregon wedding photographer_036

bend oregon wedding photographer_037

bend oregon wedding photographer_038

bend oregon wedding photographer_039

bend oregon wedding photographer_040

bend oregon wedding photographer_042

bend oregon wedding photographer_043

bend oregon wedding photographer_044

bend oregon wedding photographer_045

bend oregon wedding photographer_046

bend oregon wedding photographer_047

bend oregon wedding photographer_048

bend oregon wedding photographer_049

bend oregon wedding photographer_050


bend oregon wedding photographer_051

bend oregon wedding photographer_052

bend oregon wedding photographer_053

bend oregon wedding photographer_054

bend oregon wedding photographer_055


bend oregon wedding photographer_057

bend oregon wedding photographer_058

bend oregon wedding photographer_059

bend oregon wedding photographer_060

bend oregon wedding photographer_061

bend oregon wedding photographer_062

bend oregon wedding photographer_063

bend oregon wedding photographer_065

bend oregon wedding photographer_064

bend oregon wedding photographer_068

bend oregon wedding photographer_067

bend oregon wedding photographer_066

bend oregon wedding photographer_069

bend oregon wedding photographer_070

bend oregon wedding photographer_071

bend oregon wedding photographer_072

bend oregon wedding photographer_073

bend oregon wedding photographer_074

bend oregon wedding photographer_075

bend oregon wedding photographer_076

bend oregon wedding photographer_077

bend oregon wedding photographer_078

bend oregon wedding photographer_079

bend oregon wedding photographer_080

bend oregon wedding photographer_081

bend oregon wedding photographer_082


bend oregon wedding photographer_085

bend oregon wedding photographer_086

bend oregon wedding photographer_087

bend oregon wedding photographer_088

bend oregon wedding photographer_089

bend oregon wedding photographer_090

bend oregon wedding photographer_091

bend oregon wedding photographer_092

bend oregon wedding photographer_093

bend oregon wedding photographer_094

bend oregon wedding photographer_095

bend oregon wedding photographer_096

bend oregon wedding photographer_097

bend oregon wedding photographer_098

bend oregon wedding photographer_099

bend oregon wedding photographer_100

bend oregon wedding photographer_101

bend oregon wedding photographer_102

bend oregon wedding photographer_103

bend oregon wedding photographer_104

bend oregon wedding photographer_105

bend oregon wedding photographer_106

bend oregon wedding photographer_107

bend oregon wedding photographer_108

bend oregon wedding photographer_109

bend oregon wedding photographer_110

bend oregon wedding photographer_111

bend oregon wedding photographer_112


wichita mountain engagement photographer_01

I feel strongly about couples like Natalie and Kevin, about sessions like this one. And when I say “I feel strongly” I mean I want to wrap them up in a great big hug, squealing about how much I love them and not let go until well, ever. They had considered eloping in the mountains before eventually deciding on a wedding in Dallas this summer after all, so when it came time to brainstorm location ideas for their engagement photos, I wanted to give these two the closest thing to mountains as we could get. A three hour drive later we met up in the Wichita mountains of Oklahoma and basically just played together for hours. The scenery was gorgeous, the weather perfect, and Natalie and Kevin settled so comfortably into just being themselves  — there was no second guessing, they just went wholeheartedly for everything I threw at them. And that’s all my lil photographer heart could ever hope for — for people to feel like a true version of themselves in front of my camera.

wichita mountain engagement photographer_02

wichita mountain engagement photographer_03

wichita mountain engagement photographer_04

wichita mountain engagement photographer_05

wichita mountain engagement photographer_06

wichita mountain engagement photographer_07

wichita mountain engagement photographer_08

wichita mountain engagement photographer_09

wichita mountain engagement photographer_10

wichita mountain engagement photographer_11

wichita mountain engagement photographer_12

wichita mountain engagement photographer_13

wichita mountain engagement photographer_15

wichita mountain engagement photographer_16

wichita mountain engagement photographer_17

wichita mountain engagement photographer_18

wichita mountain engagement photographer_21

wichita mountain engagement photographer_19

wichita mountain engagement photographer_20

wichita mountain engagement photographer_22

wichita mountain engagement photographer_23

wichita mountain engagement photographer_24

wichita mountain engagement photographer_25

wichita mountain engagement photographer_26

wichita mountain engagement photographer_27

wichita mountain engagement photographer_28

wichita mountain engagement photographer_29

wichita mountain engagement photographer_30

wichita mountain engagement photographer_31

wichita mountain engagement photographer_32

wichita mountain engagement photographer_33

wichita mountain engagement photographer_34

wichita mountain engagement photographer_35

wichita mountain engagement photographer_36

wichita mountain engagement photographer_37

wichita mountain engagement photographer_38

wichita mountain engagement photographer_39

wichita mountain engagement photographer_40

wichita mountain engagement photographer_41

wichita mountain engagement photographer_42

wichita mountain engagement photographer_43

wichita mountain engagement photographer_44

wichita mountain engagement photographer_45

wichita mountain engagement photographer_46

wichita mountain engagement photographer_47

wichita mountain engagement photographer_48

wichita mountain engagement photographer_49

wichita mountain engagement photographer_50

wichita mountain engagement photographer_51

wichita mountain engagement photographer_56

wichita mountain engagement photographer_52

wichita mountain engagement photographer_54

wichita mountain engagement photographer_55

wichita mountain engagement photographer_58

wichita mountain engagement photographer_57

wichita mountain engagement photographer_53

wichita mountain engagement photographer_59

wichita mountain engagement photographer_60

wichita mountain engagement photographer_61

wichita mountain engagement photographer_62

wichita mountain engagement photographer_63

Natalie and Kevin, thank you for being so real in front of my camera. Thank you for trusting me with that. I’m up for an uncomfortably long group hug at the wedding in May if y’all are.

jillian zamora photography079

Hannah is an avid laugh-out-loud-er and Jonathan is one for witty comments with an sly smirk. Hannah is warm, outgoing and over the top expressive while Jonathan is all about that deadpan delivery. Hannah is a small town girl who fully embraces her East Texas twang and Jonathan, well, he has a pretty impressive tattoo sleeve. Let’s just say they might not be the first person you’d think to set the other up with on a blind date. Well turns out they didn’t need your lame blind-date set-up because they met through choir practice at church SO TAKE THAT, MATCHMAKERS!

  People who have Hannah and Jonathan in their lives are blessed by this, better for knowing them — myself included. Here are some of my favorites from their chilly January engagement session in good ‘ole Denton, Texas.

jillian zamora photography080

jillian zamora photography081

jillian zamora photography082

jillian zamora photography083

jillian zamora photography084

jillian zamora photography085


jillian zamora photography090

jillian zamora photography086

jillian zamora photography087

jillian zamora photography088

jillian zamora photography089

jillian zamora photography091

jillian zamora photography092

jillian zamora photography093

jillian zamora photography094

jillian zamora photography097

jillian zamora photography096

jillian zamora photography095

jillian zamora photography098

jillian zamora photography099

jillian zamora photography100

jillian zamora photography101

jillian zamora photography102

jillian zamora photography103

jillian zamora photography104

jillian zamora photography105

jillian zamora photography106

jillian zamora photography107

jillian zamora photography108

jillian zamora photography109

jillian zamora photography110


jillian zamora photography111

jillian zamora photography112

jillian zamora photography113


jillian zamora photography114

jillian zamora photography115

jillian zamora photography116

jillian zamora photography117

jillian zamora photography118

jillian zamora photography119

jillian zamora photography120

jillian zamora photography121

jillian zamora photography123

jillian zamora photography124

jillian zamora photography125

jillian zamora photography126

jillian zamora photography127

jillian zamora photography128

jillian zamora photography129

jillian zamora photography130

I find so much inspiration in photographing people who aren’t afraid to feel deeply — people who very much enjoy life and and the person they most want to share it with. Hannah and Jonathan, I’m inspired by you.

Thank you for that.

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