blissfully engaged: brenna + forrest // denton engagement photographer

So, I can’t really put how wonderful Brenna and Forrest are into words. Instead I’m just going to give you a tiny snippet of the e-mail Brenna sent me the day after their engagement session to give you a general idea of what basically ALL our e-mail correspondence has been like since day one:

“If I could send you an auditorium of people all slow clapping and shouting things like “YOU ARE AWESOME,” “WAY TO BE GREAT,” “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” I TOTALLY would. Because that is how I feel about yesterday and you and the whole process of everything. “

Who WOULDN’T love receiving e-mails like that??

Brenna, I’ve loved loved loved bonding with you over tacos, Jesus and how cute Juniper is (duh). Forrest, thank you for taking such crazy-good care of/being the best fit ever for my favorite e-mail pen pal. I adore y’all and can’t wait to meet up for your wedding Friday — WOO!


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