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Nicole and Taylor, oh me oh my.

These high school sweethearts are easy as pie.

Their love so deep, so warm, to have and to hold,

the leaves fall around them to make their world gold.

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anthropologie engagement session_01

My darling Hollye — my sparkling, adventurous, beautiful friend — is marrying her French beau tomorrow.

I couldn’t be happier to celebrate these two and from the looks of the smiles all over their faces I’d venture to say they couldn’t be happier either.

anthropologie engagement session_03

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What do you do when you need to shoot an engagement session in the height of Texas summer heat? You find a space built in the 1930s  with plenty of window light and take the session indoors OF COURSE. I just finished editing Becca and John’s photos earlier this week and for some reason couldn’t wait a moment longer to get them on the blog. These two are so fun, super-chill and are also parents to an adorable baby boy named Mason so brace yourselves for some serious 9-month-old cuteness later on in this post. Being the sweet, incredibly thoughtful momma that she is, Becca actually made and gifted some pacifier clips for my little baby girl on the way and I just cannot wait to use them! How such wonderful brides and grooms find me I do not know, but I sure am thankful.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Becca and John’s Dallas lifestyle engagement session.

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jillian zamora photography_03

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sidenote: I’m in love with Becca’s hummingbird tattoo that she got in honor of her grandmother, especially because every time I see a hummingbird I think of my grandmother too.

jillian zamora photography_23

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jillian zamora photography_34

Thanks to Pouf for Becca’s lovely hair and make-up.

Hope you guys have a great move to Colorado — send some of the pretty mountain breeze our way, pretty please — and I cannot wait to meet back up with y’all for your Milagro Farms wedding next April!

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_01

I just like Alia and Ronnie a whole big bunch — I really don’t know any other way to say it. I love that Alia and I were able to bond over our mutual appreciation of Taylor Swift and that she gave me recommendations for cute puppy instagram accounts to follow. I love that Ronnie has such an easy-going, while at the same time distinctly confident, way about him. I love that these two laugh easily around each other and never second-guessed any instruction I gave them during the shoot. Yep, I like these two a whole big bunch.

We started out nice and easy at their alma mater, SMU, which also happens to be the place they met. And then we kicked things up a notch at the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and the resulting photos we got there make me wiggle my eyebrows in satisfaction.


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_04

 Helloooooooo, Margaret.

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_09

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_10

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_11


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_14


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_17

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_18

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_19

Alia and Ronnie, these outfit choices are ON POINT.

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_20


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_23

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_24

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_25

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_26

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_27

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_28

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_29

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_30

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_31

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_32


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_35

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_36

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_37


margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_40

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_41

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_42

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_43

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_45

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_44

margaret hunt hill bridge engagement session_46

We were having so much fun together that even the sun going down didn’t stop us. Alia and Ronnie, I am SO EXCITED to meet back up with y’all next month for wedding festivities, you have no idea.

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