blissfully engaged: Tamara + Sunil // hamilton pool austin engagement session

Tamara + Sunil — making winter in Texas look REAL REAL GOOD since 2017.

The day of their session was not only my first time t0 visit Hamilton Pool (aka MARS), but also my first time to meet Tamara + Sunil in person because they were living in London last year. How cool is that?? Every time one of Tamara’s Instagram posts popped into my feed they were in a different country (This is us in Morocco! Oh hey, Barcelona is pretty neat. And on and on, you get the picture).  But let me just tell you, turns out they’re all the more awesome face-to-face than even the Internet made them seem.

I cannot, cannot wait for their Austin wedding next month. But I guess I’ll have to because, ya know, time travel doesn’t exist yet.

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