My absolute most favorite part of yesterday’s wedding was the mother of the bride’s toast — “may Sara and Kyle always be like two kids on an adventure.”




Sometimes when I think about the amazing and kind brides that I get to work with, I am just overwhelmed with how blessed I am.

To know these people.

To photograph these people.

To work with these people.

Katie is one such jewel of a client and these are a few of her bridals.



















Thinking of her husband-to-be, Matt, Katie decided to work his Dallas Mavericks into her bridal session. Good woman, good woman.


 As we wrapped up the session Katie asked if her friend and bridesmaid, Beca, could snap a photo of the two of us together and OF COURSE I obliged the honor.


Katie, you are such a beauty and a dear and I hope these photos show that.

And happy, happy married life to you and Matt!

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Tabitha is a student at Aveda Institute Dallas and wanted some photos for her portfolio before she moves to NEW YORK next month for a salon internship! I was pumped to get to photograph something a little bit more fashion-y, and had a lot of fun with it.

Enjoy looking at a few of the shots from Tabitha’s portfolio session from late October.

The above shot is actually Tabitha herself! I didn’t want to send her off to New York without an updated headshot!

Bah! This look was so fun and definitely my favorite. Believe it or not, this model is Tabitha’s little FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD niece. She definitely rocked it out for the shoot.

Goodness gracious, I’m just so excited for you in this upcoming adventure, Tabitha! I wish you all the best in New York!

Meet the Cervantes family.

Elya informed me of two things from the get-go. She doesn’t like to wear shoes. And she didn’t want these pictures to look like they had been taken in a garden. (Although we really did take them in a garden)

Check and check.

When Gabriel first stepped out of the car my instantaneous thought to myself was, “Oh this kid is cool.” Once we started taking pictures Gabriel kept cracking Elya, Robbie and myself up with his cool faces — you’ll see as we keep going.

Elya, Gabriel and Robbie

This must be Gabriel’s serious face.

Check out that swagger. It’s all in the shoulders and the head tilt.

In addition to being 400% cool, Gabriel also had an awesome attitude about taking photos. You don’t get that with every 9-year-old boy, so I’m giving him props for it.

When it came time for some individual shots, Gabriel was ready with pose after pose. All I had to do was snap.

This is all Gabriel, folks.

Although Gabriel was a tough act to follow, Elya and Robbie did just fine themselves.

Looking good, you two.

Sweet family hug.

For the final portion of the session we did succumb a tiny bit to letting the pictures look more garden-y, but I got Elya’s permission first.

The one above is definitely a favorite.

If every session I shot ended with a head thrown back in laughter — I’d be okay with it.

I had such a fun morning exploring the gardens with you, Cervantes family!

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