Meet the Loseke family.

(That big blonde to the right is not included)

Over spring break I had the honor of taking the Loseke family photos in this picturesque little town they knew of near Aubrey. Here is a peek at a sliver of the pictures from their session.

Right as we started posing on the tracks the train horn sounded in the near distance. We scrambled off the tracks (Alex took off running a good deal farther than the rest of us) before deciding to use what we were given and include the whoosing train as our new backdrop — I think it ended up being better than the original picture.

Meleena, you kill me with your gorgeousness. And girls, you had better watch out for that Alex-smile.

And Brent and Paula, having raised the two models we just saw, were naturals in front of the camera themselves.

(Okay, so they’re not ACTUALLY models, but they certainly could be if they wanted to.)


I can pinpoint the exact moment to right here. Here is when my brain REVOLTED against me and started causing me to call Alex “Brent” instead. Not just one, two, three, fourteen times — no, for the entire rest of the shoot I could only call Alex “Brent.”

Embarrassment nation.

For some reason I just fell in l-o-v-e with the front of this antique shop, so we camped out here for a while.

Look. at. this. family.

The horse in the background of this shot is particularly fitting for the Loseke family because Brent (“Brent” meaning the father, NOT Alex, the son, whom I also called Brent. Continuously.) is a big-time horse trainer. All horses, all the time.

I’d love to tell you that I purposefully said something witty and hilarious, but I very well may have just called Alex “Brent” again. For the 42nd time. It really did cross the point of ridiculousness.

Okaaaayyyyy. That’s sweet.

Seriously. You guys ARE models. I CAN’T MAKE THESE FACES UP, PEOPLE!!


Loseke family, you guys are great. Thank you for being your great selves in front of my camera.

Meet Emily and Logan.

Emily and Logan leave the impression that they like life best when the other is in it. They’re the couple that kind of leaves the rest of the world feeling a bit outside of the Emily-Logan realm. The rest of the world is just a bit farther away from them than they are from each other.

This fact cannot deter people though, because we all know it’s right, that it’s the way it’s meant to be. We see it in their eyes. Their lives are better when the other is in it.

The fact of the matter is, Logan currently lives and works in the oil fields of West Virgina. Emily lives and student teaches in Texas. But when they’re together, they like their lives best.

Can I tell you a secret? When I met up with Emily to discuss wedding photography a few months before this shoot, she was all. business. But around Logan, this girl is all. smiles. I realize that obviously her future wedding photographer would not produce the same giddy-fying effect on her as her fiance, but seriously the shift from “without Logan in proximity” to “with Logan in proximity” was almost like meeting a different person.

This time, I was meeting “madly-in-love” Emily.

This shot above is easily one of my favorites from the shoot.

Gosh. I really can’t help but giggle to myself. Emily is incredibly petite. And Logan is . . . not AS petite.

Guys, I honestly cannot say with complete  certainty that they even remembered that I was there taking pictures of them sometimes. Like these times. All they knew was that there were not seven states between them anymore. They were together.

Why helloooooooooooooo, pretty light and pretty people.

Hey, Logan. Good job.

There is such adoration in both sets of those eyes.

Ya know. Just chillin’ on some train tracks.


I’m so excited for Emily and Logan’s wedding this summer. Then a trip halfway across the country can no longer stand a chance at separating these two. Then they can like their lives best all the time — as husband and wife.

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