There are only NINE DAYS left to enter into the Jillian Zamora Photography giveaway — so exciting!

This January I was sitting at my desk editing a wedding and literally found myself moved to tears at how thankful I am to have this job and how gracious the Lord has been to us in allowing us to do what we love with people we adore. I’m so looking forward to what will come in 2013. There is something about the fresh outlook and anticipation a new year brings and I wanted to share some of my 2013 giddiness by giving away a full day of wedding photography coverage by yours truly and my handsome second-shooter (aka my super-talented husband, James). We are hoping to reach out to brides and grooms all over the world who are planning a wedding day that will be filled to the brim with heart.

Weddings can be on any day of the week — it does not have to be on a weekend to be eligible.

JZP (meaning myself and James) will deliberate over the entries and announce the contest winner on February 28th. We’ve already been loving reading over all of the heartfelt and detailed stories and envisioning all of the fabulous future weddings from the couples who have already sent their entries in!

Top 3 runners up will receive a significantly discounted rate for JZP wedding photography services.

There will be prizes in the form of a free photo session for the person who refers the winning couple/wedding to us — so please share, share, share the giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, via word-of-mouth, email, carrier pigeons — you name it!

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Please see below for a listing of dates from July 2013-July 2014 we are already booked for weddings or are otherwise unavailable:

July 2013: 5th-14th, 20th, 26th

August 2013: 10th

September 2013: 6th

October 2013: 5th, 19th

January 2014: 4th

Again, we are SO excited about this and we hope you are too!

So I sat and thought for quite a while about which meaningful thing I could say about Sara and Brent to start out this blogpost, or which dear/wonderful/sweet attributes of theirs to compliment first (for they have many) but maybe I’ll just skip that part and let the photos do the talking.

Sara and Brent it was an honor to photograph your wedding day. My heart could seriously not be happier that y’all are husband and wife.

Their venue was Storybook Ranch in McKinney and I just cannot wait to shoot another wedding there because it was just such a fun environment to work with. Bonus: This venue is also the home to River Ranch Educational Charities which helps underprivileged and special needs children.

This next photo I think does a pretty good job of describing Brent — good-natured, kind-hearted and bursting at the seams with love for Sara.

As for Sara, out of all the women in the world Brent holds her high, high, high above all the rest. And I think that says a lot about how wonderful a person Sara must be.

At this point in the day he had not yet seen Sara, but as his facial expression shows, he was very excited for his first look with his bride that was to happen in a short matter of minutes.

After some sweet moments with just the two of them, the wedding party came out to join in on the fun.

Something I thought was particularly special about this wedding day was that a close friend/mentor of Brent’s (Chris, above) was the officiant of the ceremony.

Yah. Flower girl cuteness.

Guys, when I look at photos of the ceremony I seriously cannot help but get so overwhelmed by emotion at how earnestly excited and dearly Brent gazed at Sara the entire time. It was just the very best thing.




This ring-bearer won my heart when I saw him reading his Star Wars comic book in the middle of the reception. He was so caught up in it he never even noticed me take these photos.

Sara and Brent, y’all are beautiful human beings with beautiful hearts which I know will make for a beautiful marriage.

Ashley and Albert got married on a beautiful October evening in Gainsville — and I’m so pleased James and I were there to document it all taking place.

I recently blogged Ashley and Albert’s engagement photos and talked about how these two laughed through their entire session, and their wedding day was no different. Except for on this day, I was able to see where these two get their jolly nature. They are surrounded by family and friends who were so delighted by the day’s festivities, they were laughing right along with the bride and groom from start to finish.

We noticed a little too late why it was a wee bit, um, warm in the bridal dressing room . . .

Ashley and Albert planned to a special time into their wedding day for a first look — a moment to see each other before the ceremony and have some quiet moments together before the hustle and bustle of the day really got going.

After bride-groom portraits we moved into photos with their beautiful wedding party.

We were finished in time to tuck Ashley and Albert away from guests arriving for the ceremony.

I just thought it wouldn’t be true to the ceremony if I didn’t include the moment when the best man was rewarded for swiping a bee off of the bride’s shoulder mid-ceremony.

So. much. birdseed. So much.

I honestly don’t know how Albert managed to get it all out of his hair before the reception, but he surely did.

After dinner, we indulged in just a few more bride-groom portraits right as the sun set — this time as newlyweds!

 Ashley and Albert, y’all are among some of the loveliest people in my book.

Thank you for letting us be a part of the day y’all became Mr. and Mrs. and for being so, so great to work with.

Often wedding days are a long time coming, but I felt like I had been looking forward to this one for FOREVER.

It wasn’t that Julieta and Phillip had an obscenely long engagement, it was just that Julieta had been such a present fan (and avid “like”er and “comment”er) on the JZP facebook page and blog for such a long time that I was chomping at the bit to photograph her wedding.

And hopefully that will be the last time I compare myself to a horse in this blogpost.

This June day was truly an all-around sweet day with an absolutely dear couple.

Reason #487 why Julieta is awesome: she wore a Princess Leia garter. This also shows why Phillip is awesome because it means he’s the type of groom who would be really proud for his bride to wear a Star Wars garter.

There is something so fun about a bride getting ready in a whirlwind of bridesmaids with a million hands helping her into her dress and do hair touch-ups. But there was also something so precious in the quiet calmness of Julieta’s mom being the only one there to help get her ready for the wedding day. I very much enjoyed photographing this different pace of “getting ready” shots that yielded a different mood of images.

Julieta and Phillip decided to do a first look on their wedding day and I’m so happy that they did. I’ll actually only be showing a couple of photos of it in this post as I’ll soon be posting about their personal experiences with the first look and will include more photos then.

 The first look allowed these two to take their bride-groom and wedding party portraits at their reception venue — the beautiful Fort Worth Stockyards.

 I loved their reception centerpieces’ use of many mini succulents.

After finishing up at the Stockyards in plenty of time we took off for the Robert Carr Chapel at TCU for the ceremony.

I’m seriously in love with this image of Julieta’s grandmother from El Salvador giving Phillip’s littlest brother a thumbs up right before the ceremony.

I think the above photo may very well be my most favorite recessional photo I’ve ever taken. I love all the genuine emotion showing in Julieta’s facial expression directly into the camera.

After family photos and a few more quick portraits of the bride and groom and wedding party, we were all headed back to the Stockyards for the reception that started off in true Texas style with a yummy bbq dinner.

Julieta is the biggest fan of squirrels that I know, so I made sure to integrate these cute cake toppers into their ring portrait shot.

The DJ pretty much forced the wobble on Phillip but he ended up not being half-bad at it.

 Julieta and Phillip, even just being around y’all together on two occasions, it is evident that y’all are an exactly perfect fit for each other and that always makes my heart so, so happy to get to see!

Thank you for choosing JZP to be there to document your most special day (even before you had a wedding date set :))!

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