december 2011

Oh, Bekah and Graham’s engagement session was so fun and these two are a DREAM to work with. Cannot wait to post photos from their wedding from this past June!!

You might notice that the Massey family is wrapped in a blanket in the photo below? That’s because it was STINKIN’ FREEZING this day. We actually ended up just shooting half a session because we couldn’t hack it and then finished up with the second half of their session later (those photos twill make it to the blog soon enough).

Hugs for the Walters family!

I cannot stress ENOUGH how excited I am to shoot Dani and Joe’s upcoming wedding next month. Here’s a peek at a couple of their engagement photos in Southlake.

Brittany is SUCH a doll and Matt is just the sweetest guy. They got married in February!

And we’ll end with just a teeny tiny snippet of Magaly and Jonathan’s December wedding — a beautiful couple (inside and outside), venue (haha I ¬†guess the “inside and outside” line applies here too), and day. Fun story, I’ll be doing an anniversary session with them in their wedding attire in December since the wedding day did not allow for naturally lit bride-groom portraits. I’m so excited to reunite with them!

Thanks for hanging with me while I work my way through these recap posts from my 2011 back-blogging. If you’re new to the blog, you might be confused as to why I would be posting year-old work, and understandably so! I explain why here and here. Soon and very soooooooon I’ll be caught up to recent work. Let’s all sing it together:
“Soon and veryyyyyyyy soooooooooon!”¬†

In the meantime, always feel free to view my most recent work on the JZP facebook “like” page here! Keep checking back as I’ll be catching up in a whirlwind of blogposts leading up to more detailed posts of my most recent work.

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