denia lifestyle photographer_001

Sometimes you just can’t sum a trip up into photos or any succinct words. This is one of those times.

When I think back on my ten days in Denia this summer I’ll think of young Spanish boys drawing Zacchaeus and laughing their 8-year-old heads off at giving him an eye-patch, I’ll remember trying way too hard all week long to get a tiny Russian girl to like me and then (TO.MY.DISMAY.) accidentally calling her by the wrong name on the last day of the camp (let’s just say the look she gave me when she corrected me was not a forgiving one, haha), and of sweet Pepe stopping his soccer game to write out a sweet chalk drawing message to me next to the court. I’ll remember climbing Montgo and how I totally should have left my backpack in the room instead of carrying it up that mountain, how cute it was for my dad to be so excited about the spring water in the caves at the top, how proud I am to have him for a dad. I’ll think of the crazy fireworks parade we were accidentally a part of, and specifically the old Spanish man in the hat dancing happily into the sparks while everyone else scampered away, picking their feet up and down as quickly as possible to keep from getting singed. I’ll think of my love for our friends there, how thankful I am to call them brothers and sisters, how encouraged I am by the light they are from their corner of Spain. I’ll think of a Sunday afternoon by myself in a hammock swaying in the shadow of Montgo, of the best conversations I’ve had with my little brother Jacob in years.  I’ll remember deciding definitively that Pastor Jorge gives the best hugs of anyone I know.

denia lifestyle photographer_005

denia lifestyle photographer_002

Jacob had been living in Denia for a month by the time we visited, and always carried around his notebook to jot down new Spanish words and phrases the moment he learned them.

denia lifestyle photographer_003

denia lifestyle photographer_004

denia lifestyle photographer_006



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I’m not actually allowed to post photos of the campers faces for obvious privacy reasons, so a few of my favorites with faces obscured will have to suffice to represent the 100+ kids we played/crafted/danced with throughout the week at the camp. It’s always such an honor and privilege to join in with the work our friends at Alfa y Omega do to love the kids of that area and share Jesus with them.

denia lifestyle photographer_030

(I do have to brag on my little 14-year-old brother Jayce for taking the photo above — I just really love the energy in it)

denia lifestyle photographer_031

denia lifestyle photographer_032

denia lifestyle photographer_033

Don’t worry guys, it’s not a bull fight. The goal is to try and get the bull to chase you into the ocean and we saw more jump in this time than in any of the previous three years. So, ya know, good job to those Spaniards crazy enough to get in the ring for my entertainment. This cautious American thanks you for your service.

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denia lifestyle photographer_035

denia lifestyle photographer_036

denia lifestyle photographer_037

denia lifestyle photographer_038

denia lifestyle photographer_039

denia lifestyle photographer_040

It started with a casual walk into town for a cafe con leche one evening and turned into the craziest parade I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

denia lifestyle photographer_041

denia lifestyle photographer_042

denia lifestyle photographer_043

Those sparks are fire. At first I thought, “It’s all for show, they couldn’t actually shoot real sparks into a crowded street.” But no, they can. And they did. And if you did not dance frantically away it would burn you.

YALL IT WAS CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. And also SO MUCH FUN plus the tiniest bit terrifying ALL AT ONCE. I honestly would not have been able to believe that it happened if I had not lived it.

denia lifestyle photographer_044

denia lifestyle photographer_045

denia lifestyle photographer_046

denia lifestyle photographer_047

denia lifestyle photographer_048

If I had to sum up into a single photo all the different emotions I felt throughout the course of this parade-of-sparks, this one below of me and Jacob does a pretty good job.

denia lifestyle photographer_049

denia lifestyle photographer_050

denia lifestyle photographer_051

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I caught my sweet dad in his “sightseeing pose” on multiple occasions the afternoon we visited Valencia.

Below is my mother — isn’t she the loveliest??

denia lifestyle photographer_070

denia lifestyle photographer_071

denia lifestyle photographer_072

denia lifestyle photographer_073

denia lifestyle photographer_074

denia lifestyle photographer_075

denia lifestyle photographer_076

denia lifestyle photographer_077

denia lifestyle photographer_078

denia lifestyle photographer_079

Self-timer for the win.

denia lifestyle photographer_080

denia lifestyle photographer_081

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denia lifestyle photographer_085

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denia lifestyle photographer_093

On our last full day in Denia me, my brother, my dad and dear Tim Williams set out early in the morning to hike up to the caves on Montgo. I had been psyching myself up to make this trek for four years now and I’m so glad to have finally done it!

denia lifestyle photographer_094

denia lifestyle photographer_095

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I’m probably one of the most annoying people to go to beautiful places with because I CANNOT stop marveling. Consider yourself warned.

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I passed this at the bottom of the mountain after making it back down. Translation: When someone puts forth effort there is always a payoff.

denia lifestyle photographer_122

denia lifestyle photographer_123

denia lifestyle photographer_124

denia lifestyle photographer_125

denia lifestyle photographer_126 (1)

denia lifestyle photographer_127ab

denia lifestyle photographer_129

denia lifestyle photographer_130

Sweetest little brothers in all the land right there.

denia lifestyle photographer_131

denia lifestyle photographer_132

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denia lifestyle photographer_134

denia lifestyle photographer_135

denia lifestyle photographer_136

denia lifestyle photographer_137

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denia lifestyle photographer_142

I will now congratulate you for making it to the end of this lengthy post. If you would like to peruse further lengthy posts of Spain, you can view my photos from last year here, and the ones from the year before here.

I love this place.

Happy weekend, all!

In April James and I had the pleasure of exploring San Francisco for the first time ever while I was there to photograph an engagement session. Yes, I know April was two months ago, but the first opportunity I had to go through our personal photos was last week, so when you think of it that way my turn-around time is PHENOMENAL.

My thoughts on the city are as follows:

– Within our first two hours in SF we consumed a cannoli, a blueberry pastry, a latte and some pizza focaccia bread. And all within a few blocks of each other. Any city in which I can achieve this feat is alright by me.

– THE TREES HERE ARE INSANE. Just insane. I cannot comment enough about the trees.

– Before you see it, you might think to yourself, “I’m not gonna be THAT impressed by the Golden Gate Bridge,” but when I got there I really was just THAT impressed with it. I couldn’t stop taking photos of it.

– GIVE ME ALL YOUR PURPLE FLOWERS, SAN FRANCISCO. And on this note, someone help me identify what these purple flowers are (you will see plenty of photos in this post) so that I can plant them at home.

– People are not joking when they tell you to bring a jacket.

– Where else would you see a flower that looks JUST LIKE a fried egg?

And with these profound thoughts, I will leave you to peruse some of my favorite images from our trip.

san francisco wedding photographer_02

san francisco wedding photographer_03

We started off our first day of sight-seeing with two art museums (because that’s what traveling looks like when you’re married to a painter) — the first of which was Legion of Honor.

san francisco wedding photographer_04

san francisco wedding photographer_05

san francisco wedding photographer_06

san francisco wedding photographer_07

san francisco wedding photographer_08

san francisco wedding photographer_09

san francisco wedding photographer_10

san francisco wedding photographer_11

san francisco wedding photographer_12

san francisco wedding photographer_13

san francisco wedding photographer_14

san francisco wedding photographer_15

san francisco wedding photographer_16

san francisco wedding photographer_17

san francisco wedding photographer_18

san francisco wedding photographer_19

san francisco wedding photographer_20

Every new place I want to explore with him.

san francisco wedding photographer_21

san francisco wedding photographer_22

san francisco wedding photographer_23

san francisco wedding photographer_24

san francisco wedding photographer_25

san francisco wedding photographer_26

san francisco wedding photographer_27

san francisco wedding photographer_28

san francisco wedding photographer_29

san francisco wedding photographer_30

san francisco wedding photographer_31

san francisco wedding photographer_32

san francisco wedding photographer_33

san francisco wedding photographer_34

san francisco wedding photographer_01

san francisco wedding photographer_35

san francisco wedding photographer_36

san francisco wedding photographer_37

Day two was used for scouting for Saturday’s shoot, so we did all of the nature exploring which was right up my alley. We started out at the Sutro Bath Ruins and once we got there I just couldn’t keep myself from pointing at everything and asking James over and over, “Isn’t this so BEAUTIFUL?!? How can you even stand it?!?” For the record, his response was that he was more impressed with the art. Sigh, my sweet, pretentious painter man.

san francisco wedding photographer_38

san francisco wedding photographer_39

san francisco wedding photographer_40

san francisco wedding photographer_41

san francisco wedding photographer_42

san francisco wedding photographer_43

san francisco wedding photographer_44

san francisco wedding photographer_45

san francisco wedding photographer_46

san francisco wedding photographer_48

san francisco wedding photographer_49

san francisco wedding photographer_50

san francisco wedding photographer_51

san francisco wedding photographer_52

san francisco wedding photographer_53

san francisco wedding photographer_54

san francisco wedding photographer_55

san francisco wedding photographer_56

san francisco wedding photographer_57

san francisco wedding photographer_58

san francisco wedding photographer_59

san francisco wedding photographer_60

san francisco wedding photographer_61

san francisco wedding photographer_62

san francisco wedding photographer_63

san francisco wedding photographer_64

san francisco wedding photographer_65

san francisco wedding photographer_66

Our last day in San Fran was spent with our dear friends who hosted us while we were in CA, Robert and Amber. My favorite photo of them from the trip is this one of them running down a hill towards the ocean like the fun and adventurous couple they are.

san francisco wedding photographer_70

If you follow me on instagram (@jillian_zamora_photo) then you were subjected to many a #JZdoesSF post through the course of our trip. Below are a few of my favorites.


I had the best, best time in San Francisco with James and it really is one of those places that begs you to return. That’s my plan anyway.

Happy Tuesday!

Back in December I went on a photographer bonding trip to Austin with some other local female wedding photographers. It was awesome. Just so much fun.

I’d had the idea to form a trip like this one for a while now, but I’m really not the type of girl who plans trips. You know those types of girls who are just so gifted at throwing parties, planning activities and putting together trip itineraries? I don’t fall into that category naturally, and that’s okay. It’s just not my forte. But when my photographer friend Allison told me she’d be moving to Oregon in January, I knew it was now or never.

I sent out an e-mail to eight awesomely talented photographers I knew — some I knew well (I’m talking shot-her-wedding/shot-my-wedding well), some I had met a single time, and one I had only ever corresponded with over e-mail. The e-mail I sent them could basically be summed up as:

Hey, I think y’all are awesome. I think we should all be friends. Let’s go on a trip.

And so we did. And we have this cute girl (pictured below) and Orgeon to thank for forcing me to finally press “send.”

austin photographer trip _01

austin photographer trip _02ab

austin photographer trip _04

The main goal of the trip was to bond, but if we happened to take some photos along the way with the refreshing purpose of shooting for ourselves, so be it.

austin photographer trip _05

austin photographer trip _06

I actually shot Emily Davis’ wedding a couple years back — so fun! Since then this girl has just found her niche in the wedding photography world and I’m so proud of her.

austin photographer trip _07

austin photographer trip _08

austin photographer trip _09

austin photographer trip _10

austin photographer trip _11

austin photographer trip _12

Somebody caught some crumbies in her scarf . . .

austin photographer trip _13

austin photographer trip _14

austin photographer trip _15

austin photographer trip _16ab

austin photographer trip _18

austin photographer trip _19ab

Stephanie Rose actually photographed my wedding three and a half years ago, before I became a wedding photographer myself. Stephy is a free spirit if I’ve ever known one, and she’s awesome.

austin photographer trip _21

austin photographer trip _22

austin photographer trip _23

austin photographer trip _24ab

austin photographer trip _26

austin photographer trip _27ab

austin photographer trip _29

austin photographer trip _30

Allison Harp — she is who she is and never runs out of interesting things to talk about, which works well because I’m a listener. She’s brave. And I like to think that when I’m around her a little bit of that bravery rubs off on me too — like that one time I invited a bunch of girls who didn’t know each other to go on a trip together.

austin photographer trip _31

austin photographer trip _32

austin photographer trip _34

austin photographer trip _35

Elisabeth Carol (to use her photographer name) is sweeter than sweet and thoughtful to boot.

austin photographer trip _36

austin photographer trip _37ab

Adorable Amanda Jameson — I kept complimenting her on how good she is at asking genuine get-to-know-you questions because she’s so incredibly personable, which is something I really admire about her.

austin photographer trip _39

austin photographer trip _40

austin photographer trip _41

austin photographer trip _42

austin photographer trip _43

austin photographer trip _44ab

 Lovely Lauren Apel — what she says she means. I like that. It’s such a strong quality to have.

austin photographer trip _46

austin photographer trip _47

austin photographer trip _48

austin photographer trip _49ab

 Y’all, Stephanie Smith’s random little quips and one-liners into conversations always killed me. This girl is her own kind of funny. ALSO SHE’S GOING TO BE A REAL LIVE MOM SO SOON.

austin photographer trip _51


austin photographer trip _55

austin photographer trip _56

austin photographer trip _57

austin photographer trip _58

austin photographer trip _59

austin photographer trip _60

austin photographer trip _61

austin photographer trip _62

austin photographer trip _63

austin photographer trip _64

austin photographer trip _65

austin photographer trip _66

austin photographer trip _67

austin photographer trip _68

austin photographer trip _69

austin photographer trip _70ab

austin photographer trip _72

Jessica Shae is a real, live mom RIGHT NOW, if you can’t tell. I think it says something about her that she brought her three-month old on this adventure with us — that she’s the type of mom who is going to instill adventure deep into her little Judah boy.

austin photographer trip _73

austin photographer trip _74

austin photographer trip _75

austin photographer trip _76

austin photographer trip _77

The photos of me below were taken by Allison, one of the few people in this world who can manage to make me not look like a complete ignoramous when a camera is pointed at me.

austin photographer trip _78

austin photographer trip _79ab

austin photographer trip _81

austin photographer trip _82

austin photographer trip _83

austin photographer trip _84

austin photographer trip _85

austin photographer trip _86

austin photographer trip _87

austin photographer trip _88

austin photographer trip _89

austin photographer trip _90

austin photographer trip _91

It was so incredibly refreshing to spend two and a half days with such lovely souls. More than just being photographers I admire, they’re all people I admire as well.

I can’t wait for the next one.

Gosh, this year. It feels like every year since we started JZP has topped the last. I remember last December I was thinking over all that had taken place, all the amazing people we worked with, all the places we had been in 2012 and wondering how 2013 could possibly compare. And now I sit here typing this blogpost on the last day of 2013 and can’t help but wonder how 2014 can possibly measure up. But I’m excited to find out how it will.

This is my entirely unglamorous New Year’s Eve post. There is no sparkle confetti (although I firmly believe that one can never have enough sparkle confetti) or fireworks — just a few shots that James and I (sometimes inadvertently) snagged of each other while photographing beautiful weddings of beautiful people with beautiful souls over the past twelve months.







Sometimes a veil gets all kinds of stuck in the bride’s up do and it’s the photographer to the rescue.


But sometimes the photographer walks into a cactus and it’s the bride and groom to the rescue pulling out cactus needles.


COOLEST THING I got to do at a wedding this year was ride in a helicopter to an island ceremony. I want to see 2014 beat THAT one.







I could not have made it through 2013 alive without my handsome second shooter, my trusty light test subject, my supportive husband by my side.


Thank you to all of the dear people who entrusted to us the documentation of special seasons of life in 2013. Y’all are all awesome and I promise I don’t take a single one of you for granted. Time and time again I am made unbelievably aware of how blessed by the good Lord I am to photograph people who see something in our work.

2013, it’s been an absolute pleasure. And 2014, we’re ready for you.

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