destination graduation, Trent

Meet Trent.

I don’t usually make seniors do push-ups during their photo sessions, but Trent was a special case. Trent is a part of the honor guard at his high school. I didn’t know what an honor guard was (I went to a verrrrrry small high school) so I asked him what they did and he told me that one of their tasks was to do pushups every time the football team made a touchdown. So I told him to drop and give me twenty.

Another important factor in Trent’s life is his dog, Max. Trent’s mom, Gay, told me that when 8-year-old Trent went to the pound looking for a pup it was clear that Max chose Trent to be his owner.

Trent also wanted some shots with his truck. We loaded up and headed just down a country road near their house to change the scenery. Max and Trent’s 7-year-old sister, Lyndee, piled in the back of the truck. Gay told Trent to be careful driving because there was precious cargo in the back. Trent said he was more worried about Max than Lyndee — but I’m pretty sure he was just joking.

At this point in the shoot I enlisted Lyndee to get Trent to laugh . . .

She succeeded by pulling out her “sassy face.” I thought it was so precious how easily Lyndee could get Trent to crack a smile. You could tell they just adored each other.

Trent also played second-base and outfield for his HS baseball team, so we pulled in some of his baseball gear for the next few shots.

I just thought the above right picture was really funny . . . sorry Trent . . .

In the fall Trent will head off to A&M to be one of those Aggie-folk. And he’s pretty excited about it.

Best wishes to you, Trent! If you ever need help smiling off at College Station you can always just whip out the picture of Lyndee making her “sassy face.”

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