with this ring, Phoebe and Nathan

Do you remember Phoebe and Nathan? These two tied the knot at the end of April, and I am just now getting to blogging it. Forgive me.

The lovely ceremony and reception took place at Willow Lake Wedding Gardens in Weatherford.

And one of Phoebe’s main colors? Purple. I love me some purple.

The bracelet and the earrings belonged to Phoebe’s great grandmother and the necklace was a gift from Phoebe’s mother, Celeste.

Phoebe was one of those brides who wanted to play an active role in the decorating and preparation for the reception, so it was quite an accomplishment to get her to sit down, get her hair done and be still before the ceremony.

I love the photojournalistic feel of this above photo of the flower girl going in to hug the bride. And I know, I’m blogging a lot of shots that don’t show Phoebe’s beautiful face but I promise it’s just because I happened to like the angles of these shots — I’m not trying to hide her identity or anything.

I must admit, I fell pretty hard for this precious ring bearer.

(This is my LAST SHOT where I don’t show her face! Promise!)

Therrrrrrre she is! Miss Amerrrrrica!

She wasn’t really Miss America (as far as I know). I was just singing that one song. But I’m sure if she competed in such a pageant, she’d do swimmingly!

A captured moment between Phoebe and her dear matron of honor moment

A pre-wedding prayer ending in some pre-wedding laughter

And it’s NOT called stalking when you keep taking pictures of the cute little boy AND you’re the wedding photographer!

Of course I got several, standard shots of Phoebe and her sweet father walking down the aisle, but this is the one I chose to blog because it’s composition evokes a different feeling for me.

(And this doesn’t count as breaking my promise because you can see most of her face . . .)

Nathan awaited his bride at the end of the aisle with a face that was just full — full of eager expectation.

Gosh, Phoebe. Your face is just lit. up. to be getting married to Nathan.

During the course of the ceremony Nathan’s face sunk into a what looked like a state of complete contentment. It was so, so sweet to watch how Phoebe’s presence affects this otherwise reserved man.

And now it’s sealed with a kiss.

After the ceremony we had about 20 minutes of light left to work in some shots of the wedding party and the bride and groom. This next one was my favorite from the bridesmaid bunch.

Right as the light was leaving us, we had just enough time to stop and take a few shots of the newlyweds basking in the sweet newly-wed-ness of it all.

Then on into the reception we went.

This sweet reception was a slower scene with lots of intimate laughter between friends and quiet and pleasant conversations amongst the guests over dinner. But what I loved most were the toasts that followed dinner. Oh, those toasts. Such kind, thoughtful words were spoken about Phoebe and Nathan as individuals and together. The toasts were kicked off by the matron of honor.

I love using atmospheric light. If I can get away with not using my flash, then I won’t use it. This spotlight made for moody, dramatic pictures that I never would have been able to capture the same way with a flash.

In the above photo, the man with the glasses in the right foreground is giving the toast and Phoebe was just giggly as. can. be.

I don’t even remember how many toasts were given in honor of Phoebe and Nathan — my pictures tell me there were at least eleven. Each telling their unique role in the lives of the bride and groom — the Phoebe-Nathan story that led up to the marriage that they all witnessed only a couple of hours earlier, the marriage they were all now celebrating with their stories.

A first dance between Phoebe and Nathan brought the lovely evening to a close.

Phoebe and Nathan, I hope y’all are still basking in the newly-wed-ness of it all! Best wishes to y’all!

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  1. Trevor says:

    lovelovelovelovelovelove!!!!! Fantasmic! Congrats you guys!! Beautiful people, beautiful wedding – and I hope you have a Beautiful life together!!!

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