with this ring, Jennifer and Cody

My coverage of Jennifer and Cody’s wedding day began at the home Jennifer grew up in. The sound of the bride and bridesmaid’s laughing about silly high school notes came from Jennifer’s bedroom and the muffled sound of her brother practicing his saxophone for the ceremony from behind his closed door filled the house. It was so home-y and lovely.

I really enjoyed taking the wedding detail photos with so many personal touches. I knew I was doing something right when both her parents started crying when they saw me take pictures of the wedding dress next to Jennifer’s baby photos. Score one for the photographer.

Gosh, I’m almost ashamed of how covetous I am of Jennifer’s luscious locks. Just you wait, you will be too.

This is Jennifer bribing the ring bearer with “candy” (non-existant) to get him to come take a picture with her. The poor guy fell for it and got a hug instead.

After the ceremony we immediately began taking the formal family portraits and full wedding party shots, and finished with just enough time to snag a few shots of the bride and groom together. We had taken the rest of the images inside at the front of the church but I suggested moving just outside the church building for this next series of images because natural light is just really hard to beat in my book.

Even though these images were snapped in less than 10 minutes under an awning directly outside the front doors of the church, they still make up some of my favorite images of the day.

Look at Cody being all debonair! I’m so proud.


We headed to a nearby Holiday Inn for the reception festivities.

One minute everyone’s standing in the hallway and the next thing I know the bridesmaid’s have taken off running down the hall. So naturally I ran after them. They were running to do this upon Cody and Jennifer’s arrival:

The father of the bride and the maid of honor got the party started off right with some crazy moves on the dance floor.

When we left late that evening the party was still going strong at the hotel and you know what? That’s exactly my hope for your marriage, Jennifer and Cody, that it would just keep on going so, so strong.

I wish the two of you all the best!

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