with this ring, emily and logan

The morning of Emily and Logan’s wedding began with the bride in a hair salon with her best friends, sister and mom surrounding her and her niece in her lap. And something tells me she wouldn’t have wanted things any other way.

Once at St Mary’s Catholic church Emily slipped into her wedding dress, waited for mass to begin, and then we began with some wedding party shots around the outside of the church.

Once we had Emily and the girls hidden away, out came Logan with his groomsmen in tow.

With pictures finished and the getaway car parked outside the front of the church, we waited out the ceremony.

After the ceremony we took a few family photos before having a small, but perfect, window of time to head outside with just Emily and Logan for some sweet bride-groom shots.

These two just light up like light bulbs whenever they’re near each other. It’s so endearing to watch and capture.


Married, married, married.

We finished up the bride-groom portraits with some shots with their vintage ride to the reception. Look at these two working it with their newly-married selves!

While I snag shots like this next one on the left, James is getting shots like this one on the right. I love working with two different perspectives.

Emily and Logan were greeted with confetti upon their arrival to the reception, as well asĀ and a room full of family and friends ready to celebrate their joining together.

I have never seen a cake-cutting quite like this one . . .

Emily’s fully-extended are could barely even reach Logan’s face to shove cake in it, but something tells me he conceded a tiny bit . . .

And this is how their wedding day ended — with Emily tucked snugly into Logan’s arms.

And something tells me she wouldn’t have wanted things any other way.

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