with this ring, Christina and Cedric

Meet Christina. She married Cedric on a lovely morning in December.

For clarification, the man pictured above is not Cedric, it’s her father.

Just wait until you hear how she and her husband met. Let’s just say that Christina and Cedric are a testament to what Myspace did for our generation.

Yeah, I’m just going to leave it there for now.

We started the day at her grandmother’s house in Fort Worth where she was getting ready.

Christina’s grandmother had such a great bench on her front porch where I was able to take some of the wedding details — including Christina’s veil and her fabulously sparkly Steve Madden shoes.

Perhaps a garage is not your typical place to take photos of the wedding dress, but I like it.

Christina’s niece was there getting ready for the wedding too. Cutest. thing. ever.

I love that this pictures all the Gonzalez women present while she became a bride – both Christina’s sisters, her mother, and her grandmother watching from her seat.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, cutest little girl ever.

Next it was off to All Saints Catholic Church for the ceremony.

Now meet the groom, Cedric.

Cedric and his two groomsmen met us at the church. Cedric’s parents were with him right up until the ceremony started – his father pinned his boutonniere on him and his mother gave her son one last kiss before he became a husband.

I’ve never been to a Catholic wedding before but Christina could top that — she’d never been to ANY type of wedding before (at least since she was a little kid). Sooooooo, she won. Plus she’s the bride, so she basically wins everything.

After the ceremony ended there were a few hours until the reception started that evening and Christina and Cedric had reserved some of that time specifically to take pictures of just the two of them. Setting time aside on the wedding day for the bride and groom to take pictures together is a great idea — whether that be after the ceremony or in the form of a first look if the couple doesn’t have any time to spare before the reception.

While we were taking these pictures is when they told me the story of how they met, so this is when I shall share the story with you.

“Lord Cedric Sweetheart” was Cedric’s username when Christina first spotted him on one of their mutual friend’s Myspace page. Thankfully the name didn’t scare her off and her friend vouched that Cedric was a great guy. So, she struck up conversation with Lord Cedric Sweetheart.

Their online conversations continued, which led to phone conversations, which eventually led to their first date a month later.

I loved Christina’s recount of their initial reactions to each other.

“Wow, you’re really short.”

“Wow, you’re really tall.”

(Don’t be fooled, in all of these pictures she’s wearing her Steve Madden heels)

It was a whirlwind love from the start — after four months of dating, Cedric asked Christina’s parents if he could marry their daughter.

Happy though they were, her parents asked that they wait a year before getting engaged.

So on their one-year anniversary date Cedric proposed. And a year later here they are: Mr. and Mrs. Lord Cedric Sweetheart.

The above right picture is one of my favorites from the day. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but just know that I really like it.

After we finished with bride-groom shots Christina and Cedric had an unusual request – did I want to accompany them to the mall? To document them building their personalized wedding day bears at Build-a-Bear?

Why yes, yes I would.

My brother Jacob was shooting video at the Castillo wedding so we spent a few hours at a coffee shop until it was time for the “Ever After” themed reception at The Chateau at Forest Park.

The wedding cake was as sparkly as Christina’s shoes and had a glass Cinderella carriage on top! It was terribly girly and I was in love.

I love people’s reactions to seeing a bride — they usually look like this.

First dance, y’all.

Someone else loved the cake too!

Cedric’s mother gave such a sweet speech in Spanish to the bride and groom. I wish I could have voice recorded it but I guess that could have been weird, so I guess it was a good idea that I just stuck to my still camera.

Segue into father-daughter and mother-son dances.

And then it was segue into ALL. SORTS. of dancing.

Two particular standouts were these two. The little boy above was an INSANE dancer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he literally owned the dance floor — like the owners of the dance floor should name it after this kid.

After a final dance it was time for the send-off.

Thank you for letting me document your day, Mr. and Mrs. Castillo (aka Lord Cedric Sweetheart)! Best wishes to you!

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  1. Yandi says:

    I love your website!!
    Great photographs of the Castillo’s!!!!
    My favorite has to be the one of the insane dancer
    but I’m bias because I love dancing!

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  3. Janna says:

    Precioso! I just absolutely LOVE this picture of Cedric with his mother. It made me cry.

  4. Laura G. says:

    Jillian, awesome pictures! You did a wonderful job capturing the smallest details! (from the Mother of the Bride)

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