ashlee & alex

Alright, guys. I’m totally owning up to being a terrible blogger for months now and I’m not happy about it. But here’s to trying to catch up again, right?

Here’s a little peek into Ashlee and Alex’s wedding day back in September . . .

Here’s the deal: Ashlee and Alex were going to elope.

But Ashlee’s sweet mother convinced her to have a wedding based on the premise that she would take care of all the planning for Ashlee. And boy did she deliver! She put so much effort into creating a beautiful wedding for everyone to enjoy.

After Ashlee and Alex had some time to chill at their reception — eat some food, chat with guests, and do some dancing — we snuck outside to snag a few quick bride-groom portraits. Fun, fun!

When I first met Ashlee she explained to me that wearing dresses and make-up is soooooo not her thing, but that she was going to comply on her wedding day and get “spray-painted” with make-up. To which Alex corrected her: “Do you mean airbrushed?”

I tell you this story so that you will all appreciate the sacrifice Ashlee made to look like this on her wedding day.

All the best to you, Ashlee and Alex!

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