After my initial consultation with Kaity just about a year out from her wedding, I had already decided that she was an absolute doll and that this Matt fellow she had talked so much about during the consultation was getting a catch of a bride.

But then I met Matt and had to draw a new conclusion: these two are BOTH obviously catches.

Seeing their raw excitement, overwhelming joy, adoration and love all throughout the wedding day caused me to praise Jesus for bringing together such two awesome people.

The wedding ceremony was at the beautiful Robert Carr Chapel at TCU.

And ohhhhhhh my goodness — Kaity did a first look with her dad before the ceremony and it was among the sweetest moments I’ve ever had the honor of documenting.

If you look closely at the above photo you can see Matt literally doubled over with joy at seeing his bride walking down the aisle.

Gahh, I love capturing the moments directly after the ceremony when the couple gets to soak-up/celebrate all that just took place.

After finishing up all the post-ceremony portraits we headed on over to the McDavid Studio for the party.

And at the point when I thought Kaity and Matt couldn’t possibly be any more awesome, they broke the news about their plans for a snow cone trailer outside their reception for all their wedding guests to enjoy.

Oh happy day, when Kaity and Matt became husband and wife! I’m so thankful that you would choose me and James to document it all. Thank you, thank you.

You already know Jacklyn and Matt from their epic pillow fight in the last post. The following day we set out for Sundance Square. Jacklyn and Matt had suggested this location for their engagement pictures not only because it’s where they’ve gone on many dates together, but’s also the place where Matt proposed last Christmas season.

This spot is THE spot where it went down.

I loooooooooove when an engagement shoot location has a special meaning to the couple. Good work, guys.

I can say WITH CONVICTION that I am probably this wall’s biggest fan.

The way you can tell if a jumping photo is really meant to be is if it’s successful on the first shot.

Bingo. This one was meant to exist.

In the picture on the left she has just melted. into his arms. I just figure that’s how it always ought to be.

Can you say “awesome outfit change?” Check. out. those. shoes.

This picture makes me happy.

I really can’t get over those shoes, Jacklyn. Matt’s argyle socks are a nice touch too.

I love the shift in Jacklyn’s face from this photo above to her face of expectation below . . .

. . .  either she saw this coming or her face begged Matt to make a move . . .

Before heading out we decided to snag some Fort Worth skyline shots.

I’m in love with this next picture on the right.

I cannot stress enough how natural Jacklyn and Matt were in front of the camera — such a pleasant surprise. Let me clarify — I never expect clients to be professional models and to need some encouragement and direction but Jacklyn and Matt just fell into each pose like they do this everyday.

“Oh, what was that, Jillian? You’d like us to kiss a little longer? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.”

No big deal, I’m just hanging off the side of a building.

And we’ll end with a holly, jolly (but not necessarily flattering) picture of me and my uhhh-mazing clients who rocked it our for the second day in a row.

You should cut me some slack though — I DID just finish hanging off the side of a building.

Matt and Jacklyn, I’m super-pumped for your Fort Worth wedding this August!

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