So I sat and thought for quite a while about which meaningful thing I could say about Sara and Brent to start out this blogpost, or which dear/wonderful/sweet attributes of theirs to compliment first (for they have many) but maybe I’ll just skip that part and let the photos do the talking.

Sara and Brent it was an honor to photograph your wedding day. My heart could seriously not be happier that y’all are husband and wife.

Their venue was Storybook Ranch in McKinney and I just cannot wait to shoot another wedding there because it was just such a fun environment to work with. Bonus: This venue is also the home to River Ranch Educational Charities which helps underprivileged and special needs children.

This next photo I think does a pretty good job of describing Brent — good-natured, kind-hearted and bursting at the seams with love for Sara.

As for Sara, out of all the women in the world Brent holds her high, high, high above all the rest. And I think that says a lot about how wonderful a person Sara must be.

At this point in the day he had not yet seen Sara, but as his facial expression shows, he was very excited for his first look with his bride that was to happen in a short matter of minutes.

After some sweet moments with just the two of them, the wedding party came out to join in on the fun.

Something I thought was particularly special about this wedding day was that a close friend/mentor of Brent’s (Chris, above) was the officiant of the ceremony.

Yah. Flower girl cuteness.

Guys, when I look at photos of the ceremony I seriously cannot help but get so overwhelmed by emotion at how earnestly excited and dearly Brent gazed at Sara the entire time. It was just the very best thing.




This ring-bearer won my heart when I saw him reading his Star Wars comic book in the middle of the reception. He was so caught up in it he never even noticed me take these photos.

Sara and Brent, y’all are beautiful human beings with beautiful hearts which I know will make for a beautiful marriage.

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