Sometimes when I think about the amazing and kind brides that I get to work with, I am just overwhelmed with how blessed I am.

To know these people.

To photograph these people.

To work with these people.

Katie is one such jewel of a client and these are a few of her bridals.



















Thinking of her husband-to-be, Matt, Katie decided to work his Dallas Mavericks into her bridal session. Good woman, good woman.


 As we wrapped up the session Katie asked if her friend and bridesmaid, Beca, could snap a photo of the two of us together and OF COURSE I obliged the honor.


Katie, you are such a beauty and a dear and I hope these photos show that.

And happy, happy married life to you and Matt!

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Gosh, these two.

I feel like Meredith is the essence of loveliness and Brandon is the good man that will stand by her side, forever soaking up that loveliness.

Meredith and Brandon are both of the studious/intellectual variety, so they brought along some old books and a bookcase for some of the photos.

Meredith is studying biology and brought along this microscope to work into the session.

We don’t have to talk about how I accidentally called in a “stethoscope” at several points during the shoot . . . my bad.

 I so enjoyed working with these two —  watching them laugh together, tease each other and be just all-around adorable was so fun.

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in May 2013!

You guys, Meghan and Matt are ridiculously adorable together.

I am SO GLAD this session is FINALLY (and by “finally” I mean “10-months-later”) on the blog because it was so unique to them.

Matt is a band director and Meghan is now a math teacher. So it made perrrrrfect sense for us to create a classroom setting for their engagement photos last December. Ahhh, young teacher love.

Thankfully Meghan’s mom had a lot of this available for our use since she ALSO is a teacher. I cannot say enough thanks to Mrs. Stearns or to Meghan and Matt for  hauling it all out for our session after I presented the “what-if-we-built-a-classroom?” scenario.

Now Meghan is in her first year of teaching but even at this point with just student teaching under her belt Meghan had the “teacher stare” down solid.

This was definitely one of my most favorite parts of the session — when we had Matt write “lines” saying “I will not kiss the teacher, I will not kiss the teacher, I will not kiss the teacher . . . “

It didn’t seem to work for him, huh?

 Preeeeeeeeesh, presh, presh, preshpresh.

Thank you two for being so willing to pull together a semi-crazy photographer idea and to work your teacher selves in front of the camera like the crazy-beautiful-in-love duo you are. I’m not sure about how proper that last sentence-structure was, so I’ll just be glad neither of y’all are English teachers. However, there’s no promise my mom isn’t going to comment on this post to correct me though . . .

On that note, be looking back on the blog relatively soon for Meghan and Matt’s wedding blogpost from this past May!

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