Tabitha is a student at Aveda Institute Dallas and wanted some photos for her portfolio before she moves to NEW YORK next month for a salon internship! I was pumped to get to photograph something a little bit more fashion-y, and had a lot of fun with it.

Enjoy looking at a few of the shots from Tabitha’s portfolio session from late October.

The above shot is actually Tabitha herself! I didn’t want to send her off to New York without an updated headshot!

Bah! This look was so fun and definitely my favorite. Believe it or not, this model is Tabitha’s little FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD niece. She definitely rocked it out for the shoot.

Goodness gracious, I’m just so excited for you in this upcoming adventure, Tabitha! I wish you all the best in New York!


Sweet, darling, excited Katie.

I had all of those adjectives applied to her before I even MET her. I got them all just from e-mailing back and forth with her. But she definitely proved that expectation correct after I met her at her bridal session. All I had to do after that was add “beautiful” to the list of adjectives.

I was seriously SO disappointed I wasn’t available to shoot her wedding but it gave me great joy to be able to shoot her bridals and play a small role in this incredibly exciting season of her life.

Fun fact — this photo above is actually my blog header! Surprise! It was Katie all along!

 Yeah, so basically you’re gorgeous and I think you’re darling.

Best wishes to you, Katie dear!

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