tabatha and steven

 Tabatha and Steven have such a cool story.

I won’t pretend to be able to tell it in completion or remember the exact timeframes, but I can tell you a simplified version: they met, they very quickly fell in love and decided to have a justice 0f the peace marriage ceremony before Steven deployed with the Air Force. ¬†And when he came home last March they had this beautiful celebratory wedding with family and friends at Tabatha’s parent’s home.

I know those two sentences do not nearly do justice to their story but I hope this post does a better job of showing at least their wedding day story and how entirely, wonderfully and perfectly they fit together.

You’ll see a lot of photos throughout the post of Steven’s little neices. They were all over the place the entire day just being cute as all get out.

In the above photo Tabatha treks across a pasture for the first look with Steven.

Something about Steven’s smile in the photo below tells me he was happy to see herrrrrrr (that was typed in a sing-song voice).

During their bride-groom portraits Steven surprised Tabatha with one of his wardrobe choices — a Superman t-shirt underneath his button-down. Apparently this was a “classic Steven” move.

Every time I see this above photo I can’t help but think that it embodies Tabatha and Steven’s relationship to a certain extent. Each time I’m around them I’m struck with a sense of how naturally they fit together and how incredibly happy one makes the other.

Not too long after this day Steven and Tabatha packed up and moved to Alaska because Steven is stationed out that way. But I’m so happy to report that I’ve had a chance to see them once more since this lovely March afternoon — at a wedding I photographed this past July where Steven was the best man!

Tabatha and Steven, I think y’all are great. Thanks for letting me and James document a portion of your perfect story.

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  1. Meredith says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL!! Its the same style and theme we are going for! Thanks for letting me see that jeans can work with the guys! Thats what my fiance wants.

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