with this ring: taylor // fort worth studio bridal session

Goodness gracious, I shot this bridal session about a year ago and I’m just now getting it up on the blog. I was obsessed with it when I shot it and am still obsessed with it a year later. What finally kicked my blogging it into gear was needing to show a current client what a studio bridal session might look like so I’m thankful for the extra incentive to get this out into the world. Blogging is hard because all my work hours are all used up on editing and email — and sometimes just editing (can I get an amen from the clients waiting to hear back from me basically all last week?). But blogging is important (at least to me)¬†and I’m proud to share these images with y’all.

Shoutout to Taylor being the beauty queen that she is and also to Everly Alaine for the exquisite (as always) bridal bouquet. These photos were taken at the old location of The Darkroom (they’ve since moved to a new location that I haven’t yet had a chance to shoot in).

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