renee & caleb

You guys, if there is one thing I say about this wedding, it’s that Renee has got to be the sweetest human being alive.

Seriously, every single interaction with Renee is the equivalent to eating a cotton candy, or playing with a puppy or getting a giant conversational hug.

Renee’s niece played the role of darling flower girl and resident artist. This is the picture she drew especially for Renee on her wedding day:

This tablecloth was made entirely. out. of. peacock. feathers.




After a few sweet moments soaking up the newly married-ness, Renee and Caleb headed into the reception where THE cutest father-daughter dance ensued with Renee and her dad.

And off they went.

But right before they got into their limo Renee turned to me and gave me a big hug and said thank you.

I was so dumbfounded/touched/astounded that, on her wedding day when she was surrounded by family and friends, Renee stopped and thanked me before driving away.

To Renee it was a probably completely normal course of action but it meant so much to this photographer.

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