I took these photos out near L.A. back in December but am just now getting around to blogging them because February has been my first little reprieve from shooting (well, at least as much) and have actually had some spare moments to share some of my past work with you all. I’m thankful for this bit of time to breathe deep and reflect a bit. I’m so excited for this upcoming year and the wonderful, wonderful people who have so graciously entrusted me with their wedding documentation — and this category of course includes Laura and Chris.

Laura and Chris, I love how effortlessly yourselves y’all are (which, turns out, is really quite fun). I very much enjoy that we share a mutual adoration for Parks and Rec. And Laura, just in case I did not exclaim uncontrollably enough about this throughout the second half of the shoot, YOU WERE WEARIN’ THE HECK OUTTA THAT RED LIPSTICK, MA’AM.

I’m convinced these two right here are the warmest, most gracious people on the planet.

It’s funny how looking back at Jamie’s first few e-mails to me it was clear even then that she was so very personable and kind and just as sincere as all get out. Then I got to meet Ben at our first meeting and it was immediately like WOAH, THERE’S TWO OF THEM. And no wonder they ended up together, two of the most genuinely warm people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And that’s constantly the goal, right? To connect with people in such a way as to tell their story closer to the viewpoint of a friend than as a vendor. More, more more of this, always and forever.

Thank you, Jamie and Ben, for inviting me so fully into your season of engagement and wedding day. Accepting that heartfelt invitation has been a privilege time and time again.


Planning: Weddings by Lisa Yarbo

Hotel: The Stoneleigh

Chapel: Perkins Chapel

Reception Venue: Dallas Petroleum Club

Hair and make-up: The Styling Stewardess

Bride’s make-up: Blushington

Video: Robert Anthony

Band: Intensity

Floral: Garden Gate


This is Scott and Elise and I love them and yes, they’re actually this happy in real life.

You guys, no lie, I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who is as happy as Scott and Elise with the work/life balance they’ve struck. And the fun part is you don’t have to be jealous because they wanna teach you how to thrive in both your business AND your life too — just check out My Own Irresistible Brand to learn more. I promise you this isn’t a paid advertisement, I just really think they’re awesome and know what they’re talking about so I wanted to share with you guys too!

It’s always difficult for me to write these blog intros and I want to blame in on the fact that I feel so much for each couple and at each wedding that part of me thinks nothing I could write would possibly do it justice. But something I can say so very easily about Carolina and Paul is that they make me smile. I see them and I smile. I think of their wedding and I smile. I look at these photos and I JUST SMILE, DANNGIT. I like them, I like them even more together and all of this combined makes me smile-like-a-fool-happy.

Carolina was so calm and even-keeled when I arrived at the Adolphus Hotel for her prep but the second we made our way over to the Carlisle Room for their first look and she saw Paul it was happy-tear-central the rest of the day. I love when my brides and grooms give themselves permission to feel deeply on their wedding day. And besides, if you’re not gonna give into it on the day you say, “I do, to you, forever and ever, I promise” then what day are you really?? Feel deeply, dear ones. It’s certainly the day for it.


venue – The Carlisle Room

day of coordination + floral – Celebrate Dallas

hair + makeup – Stephanie Nelson Makeup & Hair

dj – Le Force Entertainment


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