kimberly and christopher

The above photo is a perfect photo to start off Kimberly and Christopher’s blogpost.

Yes. It is a set of bridesmaids’ bouquets made entirely out of dum-dums.

Extraordinary, inventive, and awesome — just like Kimberly and Christopher.

Kimberly and Christopher got married last March at a great venue called Off the Grid in Dallas — it’s basically a photographer’s dream come true.

And if you caught some of the photos from Kimberly’s pinwheel bridal session or, if you’ve been a JZP follower for a LONG time and are familiar with Kimberly and Christopher’s pinwheel engagement session (from a year and a half ago), you’d know to expect pinwheels all over their wedding day too!

Here Christopher is all set up for the first look with his beautiful bride and I especially love these next few images of Kimberly all giddy as she walks down the stares to see Christopher for the first time.

Gosh. I love first looks.

After some time for hugs and smiles and then a few more hugs, we moved into some bride-groom portraits.

I LOVED how Kimberly and Christopher used their engagement photos to make bottle cap magnet favors. And I might still have a couple of them on my refrigerator . . .

 Kimberly and Christopher – your wedding was truly one-of-a-kind and James and I are so incredibly lucky to have been able to document the day.


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  1. I totally just pinned the bridesmaid’s bouquets!!! Those are AWESOME!!!
    Great wedding 🙂

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