kayla & kyle

Kayla and Kyle’s wedding was the last JZP wedding of August. The last wedding of the summer, I suppose.

I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with this couple and my heart skipped a beat each time I saw Kyle look at his bride with that i-can’t-believe-i’m-the-lucky-guy-that-gets-to-marry-this-girl written all over his face.

Kayla and Kyle chose to do a first look before their ceremony which allowed them some sweet moments together before the crazed rush of the wedding day began.

Kayla, you are beautiful.

Here’s the deal. It was August in Texas and no one was really jumping on the idea of standing outside in the 100 plus degree weather for wedding party pictures. We THOUGHT taking the pictures inside might be cooler.

We thought wrong when we realized there was ZERO air flow in this room. But we were all troopers and pushed through it.

See? That’s the look I was talking about.

When you honeymoon in Vegas you get a ring portrait with some dice. That’s the deal.

Thank you so much for having James and I as your wedding photographers! I wish the two of you all the best in your marriage in all the years to come!

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