kari and jim

I wish I had better words to describe Kari and Jim.

They’re just the type of people who are so kind, so sweet, and so perfect together than any adjective I try to conjure up to describe them just seems to fall short.

Here are some of their photos from their wedding day this past May. I started the day off documenting the details Kari worked so hard to bring together for her reception.

After shooting details, I met up with Kari and her bridesmaids to document their frenzied prepping.

I believe this wedding day held more hugs and more happy tears than just about any other wedding day I’ve photographed.


That right there is why it’s impossible to find words to adequately describe Kari. Just LOOK at how absolutely darling she is and then try to imagine that her personality is equally as darling and then multiply it by 23 . . . and then you’ve just about figured how wonderful she is.

Each bridesmaid had a braid worked into their hairstyle in one way or another — I thought that was just SUCH a fun detail.

I’m honestly surprised I could snap any photos of the beautiful bride without her going into a giddy giggle fit (which, don’t get me wrong, I ALSO love photographing), but I thought these next two turned out pretty nicely and showcased her custom racer-back dress.

And then there’s Jim. There is something to be said that the ONLY things I have ever heard about him from ANYONE have all had to do with what a truly good guy he is.

Before the ceremony Kari’s girls bathed her both in prayers and happyhappyhappy tears.

It felt like the theme of the entire day was “God is good.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Following the ceremony we took time for family portraits, wedding party group shots and, OF COURSE, some portraits of the newlyweds.

After portraits we all headed over to the reception barn where a sweet (giggly) first dance took place, followed by more dances with the father of the bride and mother of the groom, which, as you can see, were also filled with more delighted laughter.

It was evident on every single person’s face at that reception just how genuinely happy they were for these two to become husband and wife.

Kari and Jim, I, along with every single other person who knows you two, am SO GLAD y’all are married. I praise the Lord for giving you to each other.

Congratulations and my very best wishes to you both.

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