kalli and george

You guys, this was a beauty of a wedding.

We can start by talking about how Kalli’s parent’s built her reception barn for the wedding? Yeah, that’s going to be hard to top.

We should also probably go ga-ga over the chandeliers filling the barn that Kalli and her mom found at an estate sale.

And because everyone is already thinking it — Kalli and George are both pretty much ridiculously good-looking too.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how absolutely beautiful it was to witness the sweet bond that these two so obviously shared. Each and every look they gave each other throughout the wedding day spelled out “l-o-v-e” loud and clear.

Yes, this was a beauty of a wedding.

Something that struck me about Kalli throughout the course of this day was how completely present she was for every moment. On this day she wasn’t about to let her mind worry about any centerpiece, any apprehensions about time or guests finding the wedding location — all of these things had been taken care of long before she woke up that morning.

I was so pleased to be able to see her soak up every single detail in every single moment. No worries, no nerves. Just excitement and bliss the entire day.

I wish that all brides would allow themselves to be this present on their wedding days.

This car played a huge role in Kalli and George’s wedding ceremony. While guests gathered at the ceremony site a short walk from the barn, Kalli and her dad waited inside in this classic car waiting anxiously to surprise everyone with a grand entrance.

Once the lookouts saw the guests rise and start to look around for the bride, they pulled back the doors and out rode Kalli and her dad.

This is the greatest live band I’ve ever head play at a wedding. Hands down. Please, please, please, check out Identity Theft (based out of Dallas) and hire them to play at your wedding because it was such a fun party full of non-stop dancing with them at the reception helm. Also, I’m pretty much convinced they can sing today’s hits better than the original artists soooooo . . .

 It was such an honor for James and I to be the photographers at your beyond beautiful wedding day, Kalli and George. We wish you two all of life’s best.

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  1. Krissie says:

    These are seriously some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen!! Gorgeous.

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