josh and mandie

I just recently posted Josh and Mandie’s engagements on the blog, and in that post I get only the slightest bit gushy about my cousin getting married to the love of his life so the good news is I might have gotten it alllllll out in that first post.


Maybe not all of it.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good wedding day mustache?

My Uncle Dwain looks just about giddy-enough-to-BURST here which automatically makes me want to simultaneously clap and squeal every time I see these two photos.

 In other news, Josh and Mandie are expecting their first CHILD soon!!!!!! So between these two and my preggo sister and her husband, this blog will more than likely be subjected to LOTS of photos of precious babies in the semi-near future. Get ready.

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  1. Aunt Diana says:

    Beautiful!!! As usual, Jillian you have made me smile with your talent!

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