jordan & david

You guys, Jordan and David are great.

They came to me with so many meaningful ideas for their engagement session, one of which, was to start the session at the very spot where David proposed on a walk he took her on.

Another one of their ideas was to include their letters that they wrote to each other  throughout the course of their relationship.

I know. Sweet, right?

They didn’t do the long-distance thing. They just liked writing letters. Specifically to each other. And so they did.

JORDAN!! Those eyes! I can’t get over them!!

Our next stop was a part of Dallas that they frequent — going to shows, shopping some good ol Buffalo Exchange and flipping through records. Together.

You two make an alleyway look good.

I mean, I can really only rave about a person’s eyes SO MANY times in one blog post before it gets redundant, so I’m going to keep my thoughts to myself.


It’s just that they smiled like this throughout the course of the session and it just made my heart so stinkin’ happy.

Some shots at the nearby Good Records was a must, as it turns out David is a bit of a record junkie , but it would seem that it’s hard for him to focus on the records when Jordan’s around . . .

I love this image even more now after a friend gave me her take on it. You see, sometimes I have issues choosing pictures for blogposts — the issue being that I just want to post all of them — so I often have to ask James or a nearby friend their opinion on which ones to include/exclude from the post. My friend Brittney was looking through Jordan and David’s images and and she stopped at this one and said:

“Oh. She is SO in love. That is the picture of a woman in love.

I felt like her friend and I had walked in on a moment, and she looked up at me as if to say,¬†¬†‘I am so in love with this man.'”

I was very pleased with this synopsis.

David is a literature major at the University of North Texas, so books were very much a necessary addition to the end of the session.

Again, it looks like he has a difficult time concentrating on reading with Jordan at his side though.

Jordan and David, I wish the two of you all the very best that life has to offer. Thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer and letting me document these sweet, sweet moments.

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  1. claudia petton says:

    absolutely precious photos Jill!

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