january 2012

Oh, January 2012. You were so good to me.
First I got to meet up with Kaity and Matt for their engagement session. (They’re awesome and I shot their wedding this August.)

Part of rocking out a windy photo session is embracing it — ‘atta girl, Kaity!

After that came Deanna and Scott’s engagement session in downtown McKinney (precluding their May wedding at the Dallas Arboretum).

Also January included the wedding of the oh-so-lovely Maribel and Cosme in Wichita Falls! Fun story — Maribel and James attended the same 3A school from elementary through high school graduation.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t really a story, but it is meaningful.

A STORY would be me more like me telling you that in Jr High and High School James was a skinny little skater-boy with a full-on afro.

January was apparently the month of hometown weddings because this next wedding was for a couple who were in my LITTLE BROTHER’S grade at Tolar (Jacob, I said it once and I’ll say it again, you can NOT be old enough to get married yet. There’s NO WAY!). Whitney and Caleb, I cannot believe you guys have almost been married for a full year! I hope it’s been the sweetest year of y’all’s lives.

Fine, I’ll say it. Y’all are darling. Stinkin’ darling.

 Fun times, fun times.

Yes, January was good to me.

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