itzel & miguel

Miguel and Itzel were wed in September. (You might remember their sweet story from their Star Wars-tea party engagement session?)

All I have to say is that I genuinely cannot express how full my heart is for these two.

What I loved most about the flow of this wedding day was that Itzel and Miguel allowed lots of time for bride-groom portraits at Bass Hall after their ceremony! (!!!)

I uhhhh-dore the images we were able to capture together because they allowed for extra time, in a great space, specifically for bride-groom portraits. Yes, it’s pronounced “uhhhhhhhh-door.”

ITZEL!! Seriously? You’re gorgeous. That’s all I have to say.

That’s a good wedding party right there.


After our fun time on the parking garage we walked over to join in on the reception at McDavid Studio.


(Apparently I’ve been reduced to using one-word sentences . . .)

Now, Miguel’s groom’s cake really took . . . the . . . cake . . .

Yeah. I went for it. I’m sorry. Moving on . . .

It was an atari!! Someone had to explain to me what that was!! But I knew the cake looked super-cool regardless.

Yes, my heart is very full for these two. Together.

And the BEST news? These two will be back on the blog again relatively soon because they did a “day after” session too! Huzzah! Another opportunity to gush about how much I adore Itzel and Miguel.

I’ll take it.

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