festivity nation, laura and preston

Meet Laura and Preston.

Laura and I went to the same teeny tiny high school together, and I believe the last time I had seen her in person was at my older sister’s (and Laura’s) high school graduation FIVE YEARS AGO. So it was especially exciting to get to meet up with her and her husband Preston for Christmas card pictures in the big city of Denton . . . although all the pictures are in fields . . . just trust me on this one.

Loooooove it. Love it. Such beautiful people letting me take their photo. Love it.

The conversation directly after I took this picture was as follows:

me – “Preston is making such a stoic face.”

Laura – “He’s going to use that word all the time now.”

It did my heart well to see how much Laura laughed around Preston. I like knowing people are happy.

Here Preston was telling us about the auto-biography he’s got in the works. The photo on the left is the book cover.

And what better place to end?

Laura and Preston, thank you for coming to Denton and being your beautiful selves in front of my camera.

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