elise and scott

Let me make this clear: I get excited for each and every one of my photo sessions.

BUT when a photo session location or theme presents an opportunity for something new right from the get go, I tend to get EVEN MORE excited. Kind of ridiculously so.

I was this sort of excited when James and I arrived to photograph Elise and Scott’s nautical engagement session because I was going to get to shoot on a sailboat!

This was actually the first time we all met in person and within just a few minutes of being around Scott and Elise I gathered that they 1) are super in love with each other 2) are super in love with life and 3) let’s just be honest, could totally make it as models if their day job ever fell through.

However, it doesn’t seem like their day jobs will be in danger any time soon as Elise and Scott are the owners of Hey, Sweet Pea, and are the talent behind JZP’s new logo and NEW WEBSITE that I love so very much.

Elise and Scott moved from California to Texas not too terribly long ago, and love all things water-related. In fact their entire destination Florida beach wedding last April was wrapped in the nautical theme.  Add all that to Scott’s love of sailing and you get an engagement session on a sailboat.

Each hairpiece Elise wore throughout the shoot was custom made by Mila Rose Designs who always does GREAT work. Mila Rose Designs even made me a custom JZP headpiece a few months back!

 I’m sure it’s fun for Scott and Elise to look back on these photos taken during their engagement season and remember how tightly they were holding each other on that rather chilly, rather rocking sailboat.

When I look back on these photos I see the very first time James and I met Scott and Elise who now, 8 months later, we consider to be such dear friends of ours.

Praise the Lord for a photo session on a sailboat last February.

p.s. if you’re wondering why in THE world I am 8 months behind on blogging, I explain why here!

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  1. These are really really amazing pictures Jillian. You captured not only their love and engagement perfectly, but you nailed the shots perfectly! I love this shoot so much!

  2. Kylie says:

    WOW!! I LOVE all those pictures!

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