destination graduation, Brittany

Meet Brittany.

Brittany is graduating this spring from Tolar High School — my hometown alma mater!

For her senior pictures we met up in the big city of Fort Worth (it’s especially big when you’re coming from a town of 500, folks) to get some shots around Sundance Square, and here are a few of my favorites.

She’s so cute!

Not only is she cute. But THIS day was her birthday! Senior birthday pictures!!

Brittany also brought along two of her friends, Shayla and Kellen, to the shoot so that they could be sure and make her laugh from behind the camera. They held up their end of the bargain.

In our initial e-mail exchange about her pictures, Brittany admitted that she had a bit of Toms obsession. This is our homage to that obsession.

Girlfran. I love your hair.

I like the genuine candidness of this shot.

Yeah, girl.

And who cares if it was at this ending point at the shoot that we realized Brittany’s purse was no longer in our possession? And who cares that Shayla and Kellen had to sprint down seven flights of stairs (while Brittany and I rode the elevator . . . ) to run to Starbucks and see if it was still there?

We eventually found her purse in an alley, all tucked away behind a door and patiently awaiting our return.

Needless to say, it was an eventful ending to a photo session.

Brittany, I hope these photos forever mark for you a beautiful season in your life! Happy graduation!


***And blog readers, be looking back at the blog within the next few days for an announcement that will make sweeping, delightful changes to Jillian Zamora Photography!!***



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