destination graduation, Aria

Meet the lovely college graduate — Ms. Aria.

Aria graduated from the University of North Texas last week and scheduled a senior session the week before to commemorate the grand benchmark occasion.

These beauties were the shoes in which Aria strutted across the graduation stage.

Aria chose the Fort Worth water gardens as her first location because she really wanted a reason to showcase her rain boots that she loves so.

This one above is my favorite shot from the session. If you remember, Aria, this is the one that after I took it I looked down at my camera screen I gasped audibly.

You look absolutely stunning.

Our second location was a nearby library. Aria loves to read — both the classics and children’s books. She’s an education major and hopes to (soon) be an elementary school teacher.

I loved how Aria’s shoot was completely centered around who she is — water for her favorite rain boots and a library for her favorite past-time.

Go on with your bad self! Working it in the children’s section of the library – – love it.

She picked out some of her favorites to flip through while I snapped some pictures.

I am just a really big fan of that cardigan, Aria.

After some time spent in the children’s books we moved on to the classics — Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Gulliver’s Travels, etc.

Pretty, pretty blue eyes.

Aria, you are incredibly lovely. I had such a great time with you, perusing the water gardens and library.

Congratulations on your graduation! I hope these shots show a picture of who you are at this exciting moment in your life with so much exciting changes at your fingertips.

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  1. Jean Thurman says:

    Congratulations, may doors of opportunity OPEN before you! may God’s blessings overflow with joy.

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