cj & aj

If there’s one thing I came to learn about CJ in working with her is that she is detailed.

And sentimental. (In a totally good way.)

Every inch of her wedding day was intentional.

Her wedding day unfolded slowly but deliberately. After hair and make-up we headed back to the home she grew up to make final touches and to wait until ceremony time.

 I took detail photos. She sat on the couch and talked quietly with her dad.

No bridesmaids, just her and her parents. And me. I felt honored to get to document such tender, special moments between the three of them in the minutes before the only daughter in that home was married off.

Once CJ donned her wedding dress we headed to TWU’s Chapel in the Woods for an intimate ceremony with just family there to witness. And me, ready and excited to document the few minutes that would join a husband and wife forever.

After the ceremony, we took some family portraits and then there was time built in for CJ and AJ to spend alone together before the reception to soak up their newly wed-ness. Oh, and me. I was there too. Snapping my shutter time and time again to document these fresh, just-married moments.

Now I had never actually laid eyes on AJ before in my life until he took his place at the front of the chapel for the ceremony. But when I looked down at his feet, and saw his choice of footwear, I knew he had to be a character.

So why surprise his bride by wearing plaid, self-portait Toms? He said he knew CJ would be nervous standing up in front of everyone during the ceremony, and he wanted her to be able to look down at his feet and laugh away those nerves. Because that’s just the type of guy that AJ is.

Gosh I just thoroughly enjoyed having a built in hour to photograph the bride and groom before heading to the reception! SO MUCH TIME FOR PHOTOS!

The reception was when CJ’s wedding vision went into full swing — details, details everywhere!

I really do love my job, and the sweet, sweet opportunities I have to witness and document intimate times with family, times with a new husband and a new wife, times such as these.

Thank you, CJ and AJ for letting me be a part. Thank you.

Now, I bet you thought the post was over, huh?

Well I sure fooled YOU because I still have a few of CJ’s bridals that I would very much like to share with the world!

And we’ll end with CJ wearing AJ’s favorite Cowboys jersey. She’s showing all the fans the real way to accessorize sports parafernalia — pair it with a wedding dress.

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